Kodak Alaris appointed Lionel da Costa to lead US territory

As part of the ongoing effort to optimize its sales organization and invest in development, Kodak Alaris has appointed Lionel da Costa for the new role of Director of Sales Management for the Americas region, including the United States, Canada and Latin America Are included in the field of. . He has more than 25 years of experience in implementing growth strategies in large companies and sectors of government, as well as developing new business opportunities that are essential to success.

“Lionel is an experienced leader who understands the importance of maintaining stability while identifying opportunities for improvement,” says Cassio Vaquero, Vice President of Global Sales at Kodak Alaris. “By combining our experience with the competence of our local sales teams, we will make significant progress in relation to our profitable growth goals”, concludes Wairoiro.

Born in Brazil, where he earned a master’s degree at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM), Lionel da Costa knows many of Kodak Alaris’ customers and partners throughout Latin America. He has extensive experience working with clients and partners in the United States and Canada. In addition, he lived in the US for six years during his career and became a US citizen in 2012.

For the past nine years, Lionel has held senior leadership positions, including Executive Director, Vice President and General Manager. He had more than $ 650 million in annual revenue for P&L, providing solutions to some of the largest banking and government customers in Latin America, China, Japan and Australia.

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“Our mission to the Americas region remains unchanged,” concludes Lionel. “We are committed to digitization in production, maintaining our leadership position with our focus on key vertical markets, such as government, healthcare and financial services. In the meantime, we are committed to digital transformation and business process automation Will continue to improve the value proposition. Through new partnerships and alliances. The successful launch of the INFuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution and our latest version of the Kodak S2085f and S3000 series scanners are proof that we award to various industries and vertical markets Winners are committed to providing solutions, “ends.”

In his new role, Lionel de Costa will work at Kodak Alaris’ headquarters in Rochester, New York, in the United States.

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