Kodiak joins One Hundred® in the One Hundred® World Series, the world’s first ultra-mountain racing competition

One Hundred® One Hundred® World Series is organizing a series of events to create the world’s first ultra mountain trail competition. The competition brings together five events spread across three continents _ North America, South America and Europe _ with a total prize pool of €120 thousand (approximately R$675 thousand).

Each race is carefully planned to include the entire mountain running community, from beginners to professional athletes, with different distances to accommodate each participant.

Among these five events is Kodiak Big Bear, now joining the One Hundred® World Series. The race takes place in Big Bear Lake, California, USA, and remains true to its roots – and the trails too!

This year will be the 10th edition of the Kodiaq, which promises an even higher level of adrenaline and challenge across the course, as it has always been in its long history of racing. The event will take place from August 18th to 21st, 2022 and registration will be open until August 14th or until sold out.

The One Hundred® Caminho do Oro in Paraty will cover distances of 100 miles, 100 km, 55 km, 21 km and 10 km

The One Hundred® World Series opens a new door to the world of mountain racing by taking ultra distances around the world in a worldwide competition. This massive series begins on April 21, 2022, with the first event being held at the Serra da Boquena National Park in Paraty in the Costa Verde region of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: One Hundred® Rio Caminho do Oro World Series

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Brazil’s representative in the Ultra Mountain Trail World Series will have three other distances, in addition to 100 miles and 100 kms. 55 km one, with a total elevation of 3 thousand m, 21 km one, with a total elevation of 500 m, and 10 km one, with a total elevation of 100 m.

One Hundred® is also investing in trail running for children and young people. During the World Series, there will be short races of 50 to 800 meters in length.

“One Hundred® Rio Caminho do Oro World Series is best expected. One Hundred® is revolutionizing trail running in Brazil, and it will be a circuit with unprecedented courses within the Serra da Bocca National Park. We will have very high level athletes and it will be a very fierce competition with high technical standards”, says Cristiano Marcelino, Director of Competitions at One Hundred® Brazil. “Who has to win are the contestants and the public, who will be able to follow everything live”.

One Hundred® World Series events will be broadcast live

The event will feature live streaming via the YouTube channel One Hundred TV, real-time monitoring of athletes’ GPS contention, and online commentary via the official One Hundred® page.

In addition to the One Hundred® Rio Caminho do Oro World Series, in Paraty, One Hundred® will promote the Ultra Mountain Trail World Series at the world’s main ultra trail running spots. Black Mountain, Crickhovel, Wales, Douro Paiva, in Sinfes, Portugal, and Kodiak Big Bear, in California, in the United States, are part of the world circuit. The Grand Finale will be the Gran Sasso in Abruzzo, Italy.

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For more information visit www.onehundred.run. (Yuri Toti)

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