Konami is the target of criticism and record disapproval at football game

Konami is the target of criticism and record disapproval at football game

Expectations were high and the fall was equally strong. fans of ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’, or ‘PES’ Insiders are extremely disappointed in the replacement game. NS konami “eFootball” released for free this Thursday (30), but the graphics leave a lot to be desired and the rejection is already breaking records on Steam.

Social networks are already full of complaints. At first, the developer promised photorealistic images and even scanned some players to create their own versions of the game. And, well, as a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s good to see how Argentine star Lionel Messi and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo were in ‘eFootball’.


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Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo’s face was very different from the graphics promised in ‘eFootball’. Image: reproduction

Users who downloaded the game also compared the images to ‘FIFA 22′, the EA Games’ football game that has just been released. There were also those who commented on how athletes run in sports. “Thanks for killing my favorite game. Here’s a video of Anu Fati running as Naruto (anime character),” wrote one of the players Twitter.

With So Many Problems To Present, The Rejection Of ‘eFootball’ Is High Steam. according to website videogame chronicle, Konami’s game has already achieved the worst ratings in history on the platform. data are from steam 250Specifies the score, which is positive or negative, for rating users.

As of now, ‘eFootball’ enjoys 8% approval rating. The percentage is less than ‘Flatout 3’, the 2011 racing title that held the record, with only 15% approval. The details reported by the players in the complaint are that new football game It only allows a maximum resolution of 720p on PC.

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There is a possibility that Konami has already anticipated negative reviews. This is because the developer used their official Twitter account to report that ‘eFootball’, at launch, “basically a demo“. At this start, the game has a limited number of teams and modes.

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