Konami raises over $160,000 from Castlevania NFT

Konami raises over 0,000 from Castlevania NFT

OpenSea Auctions K NFT Castlevania Konami. From happened yesterday. The company launched its “Konami Memorial NFT Collection” and sold 14 items created to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the series. Castlevania, A user decided to spend over $26,000 on a digital map of Dracula’s castle Castlevania Original.

as noted by VGC (Via Kotaku), the entire collection “sold out” today (15) around 5am (Brasilia time). Other items sold through the “Memorial Collection” include some gameplay clips. Castlevania and virtual posters. Apparently, someone spent over $17,000 on one of these gameplay montages.

After the dust settled, the entire collection was sold at auction for a total of $162,000. Konami will make more money from NFTs in the future, as the company can earn up to 10% royalties every time it resells its NFTs. Konami has more NFT plans after this commemorative collection. As a bonus, the publisher plans to list the names of the original buyers in a special website for 10 months.

NFTs are unique non-exchangeable units of data stored on a blockchain, allowing users to purchase, buy and sell digital items such as in-game items or artwork. Many game companies have already started selling digital items like NFTs Ubisoft, a square Enix was the latest gaming company to express its enthusiasm for technology trends.

Castlevania NFT

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