Korea blasts Bernardis and ATP: ‘The rules need to be modified’

Korea blasts Bernardis and ATP: ‘The rules need to be modified’

Federico Correa spoke to journalist Danny Miche after he was defeated by Jenson Brooksby in Miami, complaining about the lack of clarity in the rules and the work of Brazilian referee Carlos Bernardes when his opponent hit a racquet at a Bolerinho.

Brooksby threw the racket to the end of the court during a brawl in the third set and nearly hit a ballerinho, a deflection. At the moment, Correa went to the Brazilian referee Carlos Bernardes to demand punishment from the American and saw Brazil award only “penalty points” and ordered the match to continue. (Understand)

“I think there are some flaws in the rules, because it says that if you hit someone who’s in court – I don’t think you should care how hard the racket hits – and that In position he (Brooksby) would throw the racket. The second time, because in the first set, when I won, I did a kick and he threw the racket at my side and then, at the end of the third set, he threw the racket again gave and ended by touching the ballerinho”, elaborated the Argentine.

“The ATP needs to come to an agreement, review this regulation (as written), because, to me, if we want to have an exemplary game, as we all want, it’s going to be disqualified.” was”, he ruled.

Asked about the attitude of Brazilian referee Carlos Bernardes, with whom he complained to the court after the opponent was lightly punished, Correa thought: “I told him: ‘Carlos, you let me down’. He didn’t even want to. To ask Bolerinho if everything was fine. Last week he did a great job at Indian Wells, I saw it, I really don’t know why he did it here. At least he should have done that to Bolerinho Ask how he was and don’t ask me to ask Bolerinho”, said the Argentine.

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Asked whether the fact that the opponent is American and playing in the United States would interfere, Korea did not apologise and inadvertently echoed Bolivian Hugo Delion’s complaint on social media: “I think so. Would have done or any Latin, they won’t let you play for 3 months”, he fired.

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