Kovid-19 reveals Brazilian routine after control

Maria Eduarda Fiorenza has been living in Australia since 2019 and describes the measures adopted in the country, which ensured control of the disease. Photo: Personal Archive

Parties, weddings, stadium spectators, crowded restaurants. The resumption of routines in countries advancing under the control of the epidemic has attracted the attention of those who yearn for moments of freedom, in addition to opening up the inability of those still to alleviate the health crisis. Struggling, destroying the world.

For example, in Australia, the use of masks is already disputed and according to Brazilians living in the country, routines have already become commonplace.

23-year-old Maria Eduarda Fiorenza, has lived in Sydney since 2019 and is guaranteed for her, Lockdown Serious, fines imposed on the country by criminals and the closure of borders, including international ones, made the difference.

“I felt that the measures that should be taken to control the epidemic here have been implemented. I already feel safe, all those matters that have been controlled. “

Australia recorded its first death on Monday (12) by Kovid-19 in 2021. In addition to the measures already described, other strengths that could guarantee a return to normality were large-scale testing and contagion testing. The country, which has about 25 million inhabitants, has recorded a total of 29,936 cases of the disease and 910 deaths since the onset of the epidemic.

Even with the slow process of vaccination, Maria Eduarda guarantees that life in the country is normalized. According to Brazil, the only restriction is international travel.

“My life is 100% normal, I have been working for a long time and nothing has changed. We had many rules of social distance of boundaries in closed places, but nowadays these rules are practically eliminated. “

The routine is not much different in New Zealand, which, according to a survey conducted by the Australian Institute of Lowy, is the country that best handled the epidemic. According to reports by Brazilians, who are in the area, the country’s total closure increased the government’s stance and the strict fines imposed helped fight the virus.

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Matthews Arguales, 25, has been living in Auckland, New Zealand for three years, and believes that in addition to the measures, New Zealand government emergency assistance was necessary for good numbers.

Matthias has lived in New Zealand for almost three years and describes how important government management was in the process of controlling the epidemic in the country. Photo: Personal Archive

“I know the reality is different from Brazil, but I was very patient, we always respect what the health professionals and officials said. The population listened and so we left Lockdown So fast “

Mathes pointed out that life in the country continues with a normal tone even before the arrival of the virus, without much difference from the use of masks, which are still mandatory only in public transport.

“The feeling of returning to normal is a relief. It was one of the best feelings of my life. If I have to go into lockdown again, I know the government will take care of it, there is nothing to fear. “

With only five million inhabitants, a population smaller than the state of Rio, New Zealand has recorded 2,524 cases and 26 deaths due to Kovid-19 since the onset of the epidemic. Numbers that made it possible to return to routine early.

Even with the controls, in December Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has guaranteed that she will not open the borders completely, until the population is 100% empty.

“As fast as we are moving, we want to make sure that the vaccine is safe for New Zealanders. Some countries are giving emergency use authorities in response to a public health emergency that is affecting their nations. Obviously, we are in a very different position here. “

There is a plan to introduce mass vaccination in the country from the second part of the year. The government aims to have 90% of its residents vaccinated by December.

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‘Travel bubble’

In the last week, the governors of Australia and New Zealand have announced a ‘travel bubble’. This measure will start to be operational from the 19th and will only allow international travel from one country to another without the need for quarantine.


Specialist placed bets Lockdown Treatment and mass vaccination as the only possible options for the control of Kovid – 19. Photo: Pedro Confort / Archive

The increase in cases in Brazil is a process of decisions taken in the past year, warning experts. According to epidemiologist and infectiologist Bruno Scarpellini, if the country followed the mold of foreign countries, the result could have been different.

“We are currently in a position to contain that, because the population has not followed the basic measures of social distortion, the only solution that will resolve in Brazil Lockdown Vaccination and Mass Vaccination “

Infectious doctor bets on a Lockdown Seven days a week i.e. 30 to 45 days with 24 hours vaccination. But he stresses that to do this effectively, strict oversight and organization will be necessary.

“Logically that a Lockdown It is simply not shutting down everything, regardless of the people. It must be somewhat orchestrated with various sectors of the economy, where rents, water, electricity, schools are not charged. This is a common risk “


According to Brazilian data, the epidemic is expected to remain at alarming levels across Brazil in April. Kovid Observatory 19 Extraordinary Bulletin Oswaldo Cruise Foundation (Firokruz), released on Wednesday (14).

In epidemiological week 14 – between 4 and 10 April – an upward trend in transmission of Kovid-19 remained in the country, according to the Bulletin, with record values ​​in the number of deaths, up to an average of 3,020 deaths per day Reached, and an increase in new cases, an average of 70,200 daily cases. The analysis also suggests that hospital overload continued to be at a critical level during this period.

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A high proportion of tests with positive results suggest that, during this period, the virus remains in circulation throughout the country. According to observatory researchers, the epidemiological picture may represent a recession of the epidemic with the formation of a new level, as it did in the mid-2020s, but with a much higher number of serious cases and deaths.


The Bulletin also includes a panel on vaccination in Brazil. Out of the total number of people vaccinated (27,567,230) by 10 April, 30.2% completed the vaccination schedule with two doses and 69.8% received only the first dose of immunization.

To control the spread of the epidemic and preserve life, researchers reinforce that it is imperative that Brazilian municipalities, especially in metropolitan areas, adopt convergent and synergistic measures.

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