Three ministers are scheduled to receive vaccines from India – Health

Three ministers are scheduled to receive vaccines from India – Health

BRASILIA – Vaccines against Kovid-19 from India Received this Friday, 22, by three government ministers Jair Bolsonaro. 2 million doses of immunizers produced by Oxford University and the company AstraZeneca must arrive at Garulhos Airport (SP) at 18pm, where they will be waiting – for official photos – by Health Ministers, Eduardo Pazuelo, Foreign affairs, Ernesto Araujo, And communication, Fabio Faria. India’s Ambassador to Brazil Suresh Reddy will also be present.

Immunizers will arrive in Brazil on a commercial flight by Emirates. Then, they will be flown to the Galio airport in Rio de Janeiro by plane from the Azul company. There, Pazuelo will do another job of getting the goods, this time with the President Oswaldo Cruise Foundation (FerroCruz), Nisia Trinade.

Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccines will be delivered to Brazil after being postponed by the Indian government, which suspended exports until it began its vaccination program. India’s backwardness, coupled with a lack of input from China, has destroyed the government’s image, especially in the diplomatic arena. The executive’s previous plan included sending an adhesive aircraft to India to collect the dose, which would arrive in Brazil on Sunday, 17 last.

The Ministry of Health also planned an event at Planeto Palace to initiate vaccination, which did not occur after the governor of São Paulo, Joa Doria (PSDB), Go ahead and promote an act to vaccinate the first people in the country. Now, with the long-awaited arrival of the antibodies produced by the Indian laboratory serum, the government’s interaction is expected to reverse the negative image of the government’s role in vaccination and the role assumed by Doria.

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Ernesto Arazo, together with Pazuelo and Faria to obtain cargo from India, was excluded from talks with Chinese Ambassador Yang Wanming about importing inputs for vaccine production in Brazil. On Wednesday, 20, the government’s deal with the Chinese representative was led by ministers Pazuelo and Fabio Faria, in addition to the Minister of Agriculture, Tereza Cristina. Yesterday, to deflect the Chancellor’s criticism, Bolsonaro made a point to praise Ernesto Arazzo on social media. Ernesto was also with the CEO during his weekly live.

On Friday, President Jair Bolsonaro said that “there has never been a vibration in the relationship between Brazil and China and between Brazil and India” and said that he has spoken with foreign officials to talk about the vaccine. There is no provision for the Chief Executive Officer to monitor the arrival of commentators. This Friday, Bolsonaro said that vaccines should be distributed to the states tomorrow.

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