Kyle Richards revealed that he got a nose job after breaking up

Kyle Richards revealed that he got a nose job after breaking up

Kyle Richards is clear about a small task he did during quarantine.

The “Beverly Hills Real House Sweeps” star said she underwent rhinoplasty recently after several fans pointed out on social media that her face was looking different.

“Because many of you were guessing what I did or didn’t do with my face… here’s your answer. I fixed my nose, “he captioned a selfie on his Instagram stories on Friday. “I broke it last September and the bones bothered me. So I fixed the bone, solved the breathing problems and straightened the top. ”

Bravolebrity continues, “I will always tell you the truth to the boys. I think some of the comments on my posts are fun. “

Richards, 51, also shared some photos he took during his full recovery. He wrote in a selfie that the full results of his nose job would not be visible until the “one year” mark.

“I can breathe very well now,” he added in a separate post. “It turns into a serious sleep game.”

The “RHOHH” star then called her plastic surgeon, Dr. Vladimir Grigoriant, whom she said she trusted “one million percent.”

“My husband was terrified of me and he is happy with the result,” she wrote. “I’m not posting enough weeks later. So over time it will get better. ”

This is not the first time Richards has had a rhinoplasty. In 2013, he Turns out he got a nose job Seven years ago, before joining “Real House Sweeps.”

“My nose bothered me for a long time,” he told the US Weekly. “The surgery made me feel better.”

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