Lakers vs Summer Score, Takeways: LeBron James and Anthony Davis lead 17th NBA Championship to a record

Lakers vs Summer Score, Takeways: LeBron James and Anthony Davis lead 17th NBA Championship to a record

Un. Days ago, LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers arrived in Orlando to restart the NBA. Another team landed at Disney World, but the Lakers were one of the few who dreamed of leaving the championship. On Sunday, they realized their dreams in a disastrous fashion, beating the Miami Heat in a 106-93 victory that far exceeded the final mark.

The Lakers’ performance was overwhelming, perhaps even meaningful. Over the past three months, the heat has made the defense dizzy, a predictable and large-scale unprovoked attack. In Game 6, it was the Los Angeles defense that upset the opponent. According to Cummining Glass, Miami had the worst offensive result of the bubble at its worst, shooting 36.2 percent in three quarters and 98.9 points per 100 items in minutes of non-waste time. Created.

James won his fourth title with a triple-double, finished with 28 points, 10 assists and 14 rebounds, and shot 13 for 20. Davis had 19 points and fired 7-for-17, with 15 rebounds, three assists, two blocks and a steal but his numbers didn’t come close to capturing the way he did and Heat ignited at the other end. Rajan Rondo was mastering the bench (19 points, 8-11 shots, four assists) and Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope insulted the Lakers (17 points, 6-for-13 shooting).

In six games against the Heat, James’ .6 breasts have 29.8 points, 8.5 assists and 11.8 opponents while shooting 58.6 percent and making 39 percent of their 3-pointers. He was elected MVP for the fourth time.

“He’s the greatest player the basketball universe has ever seen,” said Lakers coach Frank Vogel. “And if you think you know, you don’t know. Unless you’re around every day, coaching him, you’re watching his mind, you’re watching his changes, you’re that group. The way you look at it. “If you think you know, you don’t know. And his coaching has been a wonderful experience. “

For Miami, Balm Adibayo had 25 points on 10-for-15 shooting, five assists, 10 rebounds and two blocks. For many of the series, Jimmy Butler saw the defense increase in focus and finished in 45 minutes with 12 points, eight assists and seven substitutions.

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This is Los Angeles’ 17th NBA title. It went 16-5 in the playoffs as it won its first three series in five games.

Here are three ways to win the Lakers:

1. How the Lakers cooled the heat

In the second half, Vogel told his team that it was a “defensive art.” In his victory speech at Center Court, he called the team a “defensive monster.” Nor was any statement exaggerated; It was probably the only great defensive performance by a team that has been shutting down teams for almost the entire calendar year.

(Sydnote: Remember when the Clippers won the Battle of Los Angeles on the opening night? They played October 22, 2019. Dietit Howard, Javal McGee, Avery Bradley, Jared Dudley, Quinn Cook and Troy Daniels played for at least 13 minutes. Alex Kerso received the DNP CD. Markif Morris was not on the roster. Remember this when the 2021 season begins and people draw great conclusions after a game.)

After their last-second defeat in Game 5, the Lakers made some arrangements: Caruso replaced Howard, who was the target of Miami’s pick-and-roll and dribble-handoffs, and Vogel’s coaching staff made a living. For a solid tried butler.

Butler saw some double-teams in the post and Los Angeles showed more attacking help when he had the ball in his hand. It’s a risky strategy against a star player who is happy to open up to the team’s open friends – and a team with a lot of playmakers – but it works because the Lakers run it with that power.

“Losing a game in the NBA Finals is the worst experience of my life,” Vogel said. “But my group, I think, collectively felt that way. And, you know, the challenge in the next game was to challenge the effort, the focus, and the will and the enthusiasm, the positive energy will and I challenged my group. Given a team that is responsible for all losses throughout the season, we have never tried to lose two games at the same time, and this applies to all playoff series. We wanted to channel that – Whatever you want to call it – the pain of losing a game in the next game. And guys, what did we do tonight. “

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Los Angeles ball pressure was intense and its rotations were worth it. If Miami didn’t capitalize immediately after making a profit, it disappeared. Duncan Robinson, who woke up the Lakers on Friday, got an open look early in the first quarter and since then hardly any Los Angeles wings have stuck with him as he ran around the screen, and some of his tasks were tough. .

Davis, as always, was everywhere, changing shots on the rim and discouraging Heat from trying to get there. But it was a connected team, with hardly any weak points, a great collective effort. While the Lakers were pushing turnover and finding easy buckets to change, Miami had to work for almost every good look during the competitive part of the game.

2. The run that made the championship

With less than two minutes left in the first quarter, Butler hit a corner 3 that ended the Lakers’ 23-19 lead. Then Los Angeles went 41-15.

It started with Rondo and James looking for open 3s shooters, but soon the Lakers were scoring all the way. They fled after a hard stop, and halfway through, Miami’s wall-to-wall defensive plan didn’t stop them from attacking the paint. The more obstacles and surroundings they changed, the more frustrating they were, especially when they came at a fast pace or after an abusive return. Summer, meanwhile, found no sign of the flow, and they couldn’t even throw their free throw.

“I feel like we’ve come out a little bit relaxed,” Adebayo said. “They got the lead and they kept going.”

Los Angeles’ lead increased to 30 in the second quarter. At half time, his paint had 34 points and Miami had 36 points – total.

The Heat scored just 75 points per 100 items in the first half and put the ball in their possession at more than a fifth. It was Miami’s worst nightmare.

To his credit, Heat continued to compete when a comeback was all but impossible. Throughout the series, however, Butler said he needed to be almost perfect to beat the Lakers. Miami did not have the margin of error to deal with such devastating tensions.

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3. Fight through it

In the opener of the Golan Drag Finals, the tormented Patrar Fasia returned from the tier, but he was clearly not 100 percent. Not to be outdone by his usual burst, he spent a lot of insulting things just as a floor space and James took him to pick-and-roll repeatedly.

The fact that he built it on the floor is commendable. Heat coach Eric Spoilstra called Dragik “one of those special people” and said he was honored to be able to coach him.

“How was Goran going there and playing tonight?” Said Spoilstra. “It’s just crazy. There’s no way he should have been out. You know, he texted me the night I got hurt in Game 1. I literally got a text at 4:15 in the morning.” “Coach, don’t leave me in this series. Give me a chance. I’ll find my way.” I spoke to the trainers the next day, they said, “No chance.” And of course, he’s really asking each of us for the last three games to give him a chance. “

“There were a lot of guys who weren’t even close to 100 percent and probably shouldn’t have played,” Spoilstra said. Presumably, this included Adebayo, who was dealing with neck and shoulder injuries. Adebayo couldn’t make up his mind against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals, but it took him 42 minutes. At the end of his breakaway season, he felt proud as his Miami teammates approached the Bubble – when there were some complaints in Orlando, they always wanted to be there and play like that.

“We proved people wrong during the weather,” Adebayo said. “No one ever thought we would come here. It’s been great weather. We are brothers We are going to fight to the end. We came a little further. “

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