Lavieri: ‘Raphael Viega increasingly demanding Tite’s test’ – 11/08/2021

Lavieri: 'Raphael Viega increasingly demanding Tite's test' - 11/08/2021

Palmeiras defeated Santos at Villa Belmiro yesterday (7) for the Brazilian Championship. The victory was scored with goals from Ron and Rafael Veiga, one of the highlights of the match.

Live on Do Palmeiras, broadcast by UOL Sport After the Verdo games, Danilo Lavieri and Isabella Valiero commented on the performance of Abel Ferreira’s team and Shirt 23.

The goals of the match were broadcast during the chat. When talking about the score scored by the midfielder, Danilo Lavieri, columnist for UOL Sportpraised the way the ball was picked up and said that the Vega deserved a test by Tite, the coach of the Brazilian team.

“Sounds easy, right? In ‘Do It and Hug Me,’ but when you have the camera near, the camera that’s at lawn height in the transmission, you can see the ball bounces a little earlier than Vega And he corrects to hit the leg (…). It sprung up a bit and Veega hits it all. Wouldn’t like it, they would say: ‘Oh, get out. Leave Veiga here in Palmeiras’, but he is increasingly asking for a little space, a little test of the tit. Especially if we consider that the options in this area Everton is Ribeiro, who isn’t playing anything, and Coutinho, who got Tite, I don’t even remember he played football yet. I don’t know where Tite got Coutinho again. But anyway “Vega is playing very well, playing very well. That too has been mentioned by Tite in the last press conference. So, it should be on the radar.”

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“He’s playing really well. That’s what I said, he can’t spend all his credits because there are still 20 days left from the main commitment of the season. [final da Libertadores]. So, you’ll have to save some credits until then, you don’t have to spend it all now (laughs). I think everyone will agree if they can save a little bit to play in Montevideo.”

Isabella Veliro also did not agree with Coutinho’s call-up for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, for games against Colombia and Argentina on 11 and 16 November.

“I think this story of Coutinho in the national team is the same story of Danilo Barbosa coming into every game. There is no explanation. [Contra o Santos] Came once again to make a difference: none”.

At the start of Live, a viewer asked if Viga should be sold at the end of the season. “Hey, Danilo, do you think you have to sell Viginha, have some money, or is it better to keep it in Palmeiras?”, Isabella asked while reading the chat.

From Inter Miami, USA, the player must submit an offer of $12 million, approximately R$66 million. Lavieri analyzed the scenario saying that financially, whatever is put on the table can be very beneficial?

“The truth is: We read $10 million, $11,12 million in there, and at the cost of practically six to what we are today, that’s a lot of money. A lot of money. And for Vega, that’s no longer Is a brand new player… and may be Vega’s willingness to go out a bit to make some money, even if it’s MLS [Estados Unidos]In technical terms, a little less a championship. Sometimes the player likes to participate, just to feel like that. So, it’s a complicated situation.”

The journalist reported that Viga almost left Vardao in the not-too-distant past.

“Vega, now, is playing very well, but we have said here in other lives that he is a fickle player. Before Abel’s arrival, he was a player who almost gave up and was told by Luxembourg to catch up. Then, with Abel, he improvised a lot… There’s this point of the offer being too good, and if it’s too good, it’s hard to catch up. Although Palmeiras is in a comfortable financial position, such an offer is very Difficult,” he indicated.

The next edition of Live do Palmeiras will take place on Wednesday (10) just after the match against Atlético-Go for the Brazilian nationals. You can follow LIVE on the UOL Channel, on the UOL Placar app, on the Palmeiras page on UOL Esporte, or on UOL Sports Channel on Youtube.

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