Leaks suggest new high-performance AMD Radeon 6000 ‘XTXH’

Leaks suggest new high-performance AMD Radeon 6000 'XTXH'

There is still no information about the specifications of the new GPU

A Chinese enthusiast found a record Possible new gpu from AMD. Hey @Komachi Published screen capture of USB.org document on its Twitter, whose record is shown New Radeon Graphics Model. There are not many details and explanations about finding. At the moment, most of the information is rumored and speculation has been made about possible new releases from the company.

USB.org – Registration

As you can see in the publication above, Komachi only writes “AMD Radon Graphics XL, XT, XTX, XTXH”. It also puts Link site usb, Where the registration was done, the resulting screenshot was published by the user in the screenshot. There is no additional information in the file.

The registration document is simply to mark the connections that the new Radeons must have. Therefore, general information about the specifications is not mentioned. Specifications are confirmed: USB 2.0, USB 3.2, Power Delivery 3.0E USB Type-C.

– Release after advertisement

The biggest hope is that it will be a record About a new model of GPU for PC. As the previous launch was some time ago, it could be With intermediate options or better performance. The target may reach an even larger audience, or compete directly with future options NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 Ti.

The recently launched GPU by AMD has the RX 6000. They have a Navi 21 XT GPU. The registration suggests a new model, which differs for an additional ‘H’ code, which does not appear in the already announced model. For example, it would be an option like the RX 6800 XTXH. It is possible that these are future company announcements for PCs.

Another option is that these are models for mobile products. It is possible that A. New line aimed at gamers notebook Being prepared, presenting the same specifications, but with some customization. Therefore, ‘H’ will be placed to separate the lines.

Anyway, everything is still in the realm of speculation. AMD is known to be working on new products that could be shown throughout 2021. It is necessary for the company to release new information to realize the possibilities.

Via: Tom’s Hardware, TechPowerUp

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