Learn all about The Power and the Law, Netflix’s new viral series

Learn all about The Power and the Law, Netflix's new viral series

From time to time, Netflix releases a series that appears without anyone knowing and becomes an audience phenomenon. This pack contains the latest Lincoln lore. The production has been in Netflix Brazil’s top 10 since its debut on May 13, and spent at least 4 days in first place – data are from Flix Patrol Tool,

The production was also successful internationally, reaching the top 10 most-watched productions in at least 27 locations where Netflix operates. With an emphasis on key markets such as the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil and Canada.


But… what series is this? If you are in doubt, rest assured that metros I’ll explain!

What is this about?

Power and Law tells the story of Mickey Haller (Manuel García-Rulfo), a lawyer who tries to rebuild his career after an opioid addiction. For this he depends on luck and talent.

based on…

… A book. The series is an adaptation of the second book in The Lead Verdict, Power and Law series by renowned author Michael Connelly.

Michael Connelly is one of America’s most famous bestselling authors. His works, usually action and detective plots, have been translated into more than 35 languages.

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In addition to protagonist Manuel García-Rulfo (Squad 6, Justice in the Family), there is another famous Hollywood figure in the cast of The Power and the Law: Nev Campbell. The veteran actress from the Scream franchise is in production.


Lawyers series have been a success on TV for a long time and try to ride the wave of larger productions like Power and Law Suit. Plus, the series brings an aesthetic that recalls hits like Law & Order and CSI.

lonely wolf

Another point that brings together power and law is the protagonist. Mickey Haller, in addition to his path to redemption, is also a symbol of “hero”: he always has solutions to the most difficult cases. This formula is popular in literature and TV, as shown by the success of the Reacher franchise on Amazon Prime Video.

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