Learn How to Invest Safely in the United States – Jornal Contábil Network

Learn How to Invest Safely in the United States - Jornal Contábil Network

ATM Club, a company specializing in the management of ATMs in the United States, has emerged from an innovative business model.

Invest in and even install a private network of these devices without needing to leave your country of origin.

The reason for some fear among the interested parties is the fact of not being physically present to monitor the performance of the business.

Francisco Moura Jr., Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Commercial Officer And one of the founders of ATM Club guarantees total security for investors by monitoring the performance of ATM networks in real time via the Internet, using software.

According to Francisco, another very common question raised by interested parties is about sending funds to acquire the initial batch of ATMs to set up the network.

Entrepreneur recommends an initial investment of US$100,000, which is equivalent to ten ATMs.

“The minimum investment value is US$10,000, US$7,500 for five years for ATM, license, freight, systems, marketing and leasing and US$2,500 for working capital, which is money that is circulated, i.e. it machine or account and contribution is made only once”, explain.

Francisco pointed out that there are several ways to send resources from Brazil to the United States.

Through exchange transactions, best known through a bank in the country of origin.

The second is to carry out the same operation, but through exchange brokers where the interested party makes a deposit in Rias and the broker credits it in dollars to an individual or company’s checking account with a US bank.

And the third possibility is to transfer via TransferWise, Zoom or the PayPal application.

The executive also informs that the investor receives all assistance from the ATM Club to open a company in the United States, including analysis and remittance assistance so that the money path can be registered, because if he or she needs to make a profit or The investments made need to be returned to Brazil to be financially supported to justify the way back.

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He stressed that it is important to do a case-by-case analysis so that the investor can decide on the option that best suits him.

Among the modalities that an investor can use to set up a business in the United States, Francisco is to obtain a loan in Brazil by the interested party for a personal account or for a legal entity incorporated in the United States. possibility has been highlighted. .

“From the moment the business starts earning revenue, when the customer wants to return the money, until it reaches the full level of the amount borrowed, it does not pay tax, except for exchange rate differences. For example, if the person sent a dollar to the United States quoted at BRL 4 and the return quote is BRL 5, he must pay this difference of BRL 1. If there is no exchange difference, no tax is levied. Because its return is capital. However, we remember that this position is not a recommendation on fiscal and tax point of view, but only an option, and should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.”, Description.

With regard to transfers made by applications, Francisco states that, although there are some limitations, these companies have a corporate service area that can enable applications for large volume remittances.

“Contact Bus Center to request shipment and provide amount”, to teach.

Although this option is, as a rule, the most common process for sending remittances from other countries to the United States is through exchange brokers, informs the CMO of the ATM Club.

About ATM Club

Based in Florida, ATM Club is a company specializing in the development and management of ATM network machines in the United States.

Founded by two businessmen from Brazil, ATM Club was created with the aim of helping merchants and investors from other countries in the United States safely and without bureaucracy, an area with great growth potential.

When thinking about investing in American soil, the most common options are investment funds, property or some franchises, but the option of investing in ATMs, besides being more innovative, yields excellent results with very little risk.

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