Lewis Hamilton: After winning a record-breaking title, the F1 champion says, “I went this game alone.”

Lewis Hamilton: After winning a record-breaking title, the F1 champion says, “I went this game alone.”

A spectacular campaign during the rain-soaked Turkish Grand Prix ensured that Hamilton not only won the race – breaking the record to win the 94th Grand Prix – but also equaled Michael Schumacher’s seven world titles, which the German great There is another record that the British still could not cross.

In one Instagram post After his historic feat, Hamilton said the coronavirus epidemic gave him “a chance to really think about my ultimate goal.”

“The seven world championships mean the world to me, I can’t say how much, but there is still another race we have to win,” the post said.

“This year I have run not only with the desire to win on the track, but also to move our game forward, and help our world become more diverse and inclusive. I promise you I will fight. We still have a long way to go but I will continue to be equal in my games and in the world.

“Matching Michael Schumacher’s record shines a light on me that I know will not be here forever. I want to ask them to play their part. Be more accepting and kind to each other. Let’s do it so that the opportunity is not something that depends on background or skin color. “

No driver in the history of the game has won as many races, won as many pole positions or as many times as Hamilton. He is widely expected to rise to world titles – saying on the podium after the race that he felt like “I’m just starting out” – and that his place on the F1 board has long been Sure.

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He is the face of the F1, but he also has a voice and a conscience and uses his stature like any other F1 world champion. F1’s first and only black world champion in its 70-year history, this year he became one of the leading voices in the sport in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

With Hamilton being a force for change, Mercedes – known for its silver levers – unveiled an all-black car this season in solidarity with the Black Leaves Matter, inviting black-uniformed drivers and both car halls. Was characteristic of. “End racism.”

Lewis Hamilton vs. Michael Schumacher: Who is the greatest?

Britton’s own untold story – his father, Anthony – fought three jobs, re-mortgaged the family and plunged into saving his life to keep his son in karting – an example of how difficult it is to get into the sport. By including financial expenses.

Talking to reporters, Mr. On Sunday, Hamilton said: “It’s no secret that I’ve been here as a single person of color.

“The fact that I’m bi-racial… and complexion is something people should probably read about.

“When I was younger I didn’t have anyone in sports who looked like me so it was easy to think it was impossible to get there because your color never came, you didn’t see any black people in the F1. .

“But hopefully it sends a message to the kids who are watching… that it doesn’t matter where you come from, whatever your background, it’s very important for you to dream big.

“You can make your way and that’s what I’ve been able to do, and it’s very tough to eat. Hardly even describes how much it’s eating.”

An emotional Hamilton after the race.  He later said he would probably celebrate with some ministron soup and wine.

Shortly after the race, Hamilton sat in his car with his head buried in his hands and struggled to hold back tears.

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“I rarely lose control of my emotions but I remember the last few laps of his life and I was asking him to keep it with me,” Hamilton told reporters.

“When I crossed the line, it really hit me and I burst into tears.

“I didn’t want visors to come and people to see tears because I always said you would never cry for me. I remember seeing other drivers cry in the past, and I was like, I’m never going to do that. But it was too much. “

Lewis Hamilton did not stop & # 39;  Her fight against racism regulates FIA Brauna Taylor T-shirt checks

Hamilton needed an eight-point lead over teammate Voltaire Botas to win the title at Istanbul Park. He did so with ease, flipping Finn, who crossed the line in the 14th to collect zero points.

Driving in the same Mercedes machinery, Bots’ performance demonstrated how excellent a talent Hamilton is. No one came close to challenging the world champion this season and he still won the title with three runs left, winning four runs in a row this year and 10 out of 14.

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