LG 2021 TV has improved AI capabilities

LG 2021 TV has improved AI capabilities

Today, the leadership of South Korean manufacturer LG presented something to the public like a technical report about the capabilities and features of its new Smart TV – we mainly talk about the LG Z1, G1, C1, B1 and A1 TV lines There are OLED displays and the ability to use different artificial intelligence functionality to improve picture and sound quality. In particular, it became known that LG had managed to integrate a new kind of artificial intelligence, expressed in the new All Picture Pro feature, which has truly unique moments.

First, the presented function serves primarily to use specialized algorithms and scripts of artificial intelligence to identify, characterize and distribute various light locations and shafts, as well as the types and locations of objects in the frame To determine – This allows the system to automatically. Adjust the depth of the image relative to such basic indicators such as brightness, contrast, and other objects.

And secondly, the introduction of new types of displays in the face of OLED, QLED and QNED allows LG to experiment in a smarter and more interesting way with various additional points about the approach of integrating additional scripts. Simply put, the user needs to select one or the other mode of operation of the smart TV, and will begin to automatically adjust certain aspects of the image on the display itself. In addition, later lines of TVs, one way or another, initially have the opportunity to select one or the other operating mode.

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Also, in the new models of LG TV lines, there is a fourth generation of built-in alpha processor chips, which help LG’s proprietary software work even more openly and exquisitely. For now, it’s just to wait for the final results about the work done by the team of experts – including user reviews and opinions from buyers who previously managed to acquire one or another model of LG Smart TV Have been.

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