Lion Link: 11/22/20 – Maine Land

Lion Link: 11/22/20 - Maine Land

Happy Sunday, everyone. Several weeks ago I told you about the liquid dose I was preparing for the colonoscopy. It was canceled on me about half an hour before I was scheduled to take the prep solution, so at least I didn’t have to go through that part, but guess what? I returned to the liquid diet in anticipation of the procedure from tomorrow.

At the very least I can keep my fluids safe in the knowledge that Land Relando City is in the second round of the playoffs after an unbelievable turn of events in yesterday’s penalty shootout. New York City F.C..

Before heading into the day’s news, let’s all wish Orlando Pride midfielder Taylor Cornick a happy birthday.

Penalties and lion cubs last pigeon

I probably don’t need to reconsider the details of tomorrow’s match for you, but it’s fun, so why not do it? Nani quickly put the Lions up with a goal on a penalty kick after Anton Tinerhome had a shot on the outside arm. Orlando then scored on a corner kick Maxime Chenot Pesky Jr. pushed Urso out of his home with an illegal, but uncontrollable, two-handed push, then walked home. Then there was no goal for a long time and the kick went off the playing field and the idiot was born and now Rodrigo Schlegel is our new president. That is the law.

Christopher Adams has taken you five routes since the match and I will have a fresh set of player grades – out of the oven! – And this morning after the match. We will also have a photo gallery of Dan McDonald.

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In addition, you can buy a Shelgel Goalkeeper Kit at the team store.

Preza reviewed the console in the locker room during Rouen’s victory

Oscar couple She thought the match was over and ran to the locker room under the tunnel, where she was upset. After giving his full answer that Pedro Gallis had granted him bail in the fine, Pereza was told that the save was being reviewed And he had to return to the pitch. Fortunately, it all finally worked.

OCSC supporters block playoffs

Let’s give a big tip of the cap for the Rucks and Iron Lion firm Saturday’s playoff typhoon, Who referred to the Clint Eastwood Classic, Good, bad and ugly. Typhoon paid tribute to Louise Muzzi, Pereza and Nani. The tagline below the main tiffo said, “For some, the weather was hell. For us, it was practice. In the film’s tagline, “For three men, the civil war was not hell.” It was practice. ”Best work through all involved and very creative ideas.

The PRO stands by referee Alan Chapman’s decisions

During the penalty shootout, when Pedro Gallis was sent off with another yellow card, the fans became very angry and confused on the pitch. Ellen Chapman did not know the rules and was almost allowed Brian cried To replace Rodrigo Schlegel. After lengthy consultations with the video assistant referee and the rest of his group, Chapman sent Roy back to the bench, paving the way for Chagall’s heroes. The professional refereeing association said Chapman had finally made the right decisions.

Of course, it was Chapman’s own inconsistency throughout the match that created the issue. As the rage escalated throughout the match, Gary McKay-Steven hit Rouen with a handkerchief that had accumulated in the Brazilian’s stomach and put all his foot on Rouen to push himself to his feet. Rowan took the exception and beat him, which he shouldn’t have done. It was a selfish and foolish game. But this red card and one man’s downfall undoubtedly contributes to Glacier’s 103rd minute yellow card for a waste of time and subsequent shooting madness. Prof., as we often say, Sakar Prof.

Martha Positive test for Covid-19

In less fun news, the Orlando Pride star Marta has tested positive for COVID-19 While in his native Brazil. In this way, she will remember Brazil’s upcoming friendship with Ecuador. Obviously we expect Marta to get through this quickly and without any problems. Meanwhile, Brazil manager Pia Sundge has added Marta to the squad along with his Pride teammate Camilla.

US players abroad

Was Big day for Americans Playing overseas, even if they don’t score. Sergeant Josh helped Werder Bremen to a 1-1 draw with this good assist. Byron Min Mun Nikh.

The latest from his two-goal effort for USMNT, Nico Gioacchini was fined for setting a winning goal for his team Kane. John Brooks helped his team maintain a clean sheet in a 2-0 victory. Geo Reina not only had some great contributions Borussia DortmundHarta won 5-2 over Berlin, but he also extended his contract.

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Free kick
  • Earling Holland wins the 2020 Golden Boy Award As the best European player under the age of 21. USMNT fullback Sergino Dos is 13th in the polls.
  • In the first round Eastern Conference playoff match after Saturday, Columbus Crew hosted outside the New York Red Bulls, 3-2.
  • In fact, in the news related to Ikea football, the president of the Haitian Football Federation, Yves Jean Bart, Sexual abuse charges are banned for life Of young players.
  • Those born on this date include Rodney Dangerfield (1921), Robert Vaughn (1932), Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam (1940), Billy Jean King (1943), E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt (1950), Talking Heads Bassit Tina. Wymouth (1950). 1950), Jamie Lee Curtis (1958), Wire And Lovecraft country Star Michael K. Williams (1966), Boris Baker (1967), Mark Ruffalo (1967), Scarlett Johansson (1984), and England / Roma center back Chris Smalling (1989).

Today is the time for me. Enjoy the rest of our coverage of tomorrow’s match as we prepare for whatever is next on the schedule.

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