Lionel Messi: Barcelona star’s father sends letter to La Liga over ਧ 700m release clause

Lionel Messi: Barcelona star's father sends letter to La Liga over ਧ 700m release clause

Lionel Messi’s father Jorge has released a statement about his son’s future in Barcelona.

Speculation has been rife since Messi submitted a formal transfer request to Blegrana on Tuesday last year, in the hope that she would end their 19-year partnership before the end of her contract in 2021.

However, Messi’s deal has been debated around a clause that would allegedly allow him to make a free transfer in the summer of 2020.

Jorge Messi argues with La Liga

La Liga had originally backed Barcelona in favor of a ਰਿਹਾ 700 million release clause, but now Messi’s father has fought back, claiming that Spain’s top flight made a mistake.

Journalist Alfredo Martinez A photo of George’s letter was uploaded to his Twitter account on Friday afternoon amid news that Messi had promised to make a U-turn on his decision to leave Camp Nine.

Guelm Adult confirmed that the letter, written in Spanish, had been handed over to La Liga and said he did not believe Messi’s purchase clause should still apply.

Great news for Messi’s future

The adult wrote: “This is a letter that Jorge Messi has just sent to La Liga denying La Liga’s explanation that the 700-meter purchase clause is still in force.

“George insists it will not take effect until the end of last season if the player unilaterally decides to leave the FCB.”

Fabrizio Romano Offered the following translation: “We do not know what agreement they are making [Liga] Are analyzed, and they are the basis on which they conclude that a termination clause applies when the player appeals for its unilateral termination. “

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While Dermot Corrigan Note that the letter essentially states: “We do not know which contract you have analyzed … but you have made a clear mistake.”


La Liga returns

But an hour after Messi Suner clarified his interpretation of the deal, La Liga sent a letter in response, reiterating their initial stance that the release clause was in place. Are you still lost

The Spanish organization claims: “They have given a convincing interpretation and have gone beyond the literacy of the treaty,” while confirming that the clause is “absolutely justified.”


Could Messi leave for free …?

Either way, it seems clear that Messi’s team does not believe clubs should meet the 700 700 million release clause to sign him this summer.

In other words, the likes of Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain should be able to sign Maggie on a free transfer this summer.

Deciding whether Messi is with Barcelona or not, and after all the recent suggestions that he can stay, shows that the situation has not been resolved in any way.


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