Little prodigy: 7-year-old girl builds and launches rockets in her UK backyard

Little prodigy: 7-year-old girl builds and launches rockets in her UK backyard

Elizabeth says she built the rocket using a cardboard box and a “secret mix”. However, before the launch in the garden, the girl wanted to do a “static ignition test” in the house room, making everything even more realistic and fun with smoke. Watch the test in the video below.

Elizabeth is currently the youngest member of the board of the Citizen Science Association and has even talked to engineers and scientists from NASA and astronaut Jenna Cardman, whom she spoke with strongly during the rover launch event.

Elizabeth is increasingly involved in space exploration. She recently spoke with another astronaut: Bob Behenken, where she attended a question and answer session, where she revealed more about her future projects.

In addition to these important contacts, Elizabeth also has a YouTube channel called “Astro Liz Lab”, where she demonstrates her passion for science.

The latest feat comes from an astrobiotic company that ships cargo to space. The girl asked that if a sticker could be attached to the logo on her website, he would go to the moon in the Peregrine lander. The answer was:

Whether or not your rocket will take off – it’s the science, effort and enthusiasm that really matters. Send your sticker and we’ll take you to the moon!

Elizabeth is happier than ever and will surely closely follow Pererine’s launch in late 2021. In addition to the critical weight for scientific experiments, there is a great inspiration for this young woman, who will become a woman. Examples and hope are how future generations can take us even further into space exploration.

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