Liverpool complete transfer to Barcelona Jurgen Klopp Copy Man UTD | Football | The game

Liverpool complete transfer to Barcelona Jurgen Klopp Copy Man UTD |  Football |  The game

Stan Colemore believes his former side will be able to create a “dynasty” of Liverpool Premier League, as Manchester United were under Sir Alex Ferguson, if they meet the signing of Barcelona forward Antoine Griezmann.

Liverpool won their first Premier League title in 30 years last season and their crown defense began this weekend.

Many of the Reds’ opponents have strengthened their position as they try to close the gap.

But Jਗੇrgen Klopp has chosen to do just some good tingling without reaching any blockbusters in the pipe work.

Barcelona forward Griezmann has been temporarily linked with a move by Anfield to challenge Roberto Firmino for a starting spot.

Ryan Brewster, Devok Oriji and Takumi Minomino are unlikely to be dropped in the starting XI during the upcoming campaign.

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However, Collimore warns that this could lead to an increase in prosperity.

“The question for the new season should be whether Liverpool have good players who are obviously a good team that could replace Manchester United as a team from the nineties and nineties,” Colemore told the Mirror. Told.

“United boss Sir Alex Ferguson created a dynasty by constantly refreshing things with the signatures of the market. Liverpool have not yet done so.

“Rio Ferdinand arrived at Old Trafford as the most expensive defender in the world. Then you had players like Jaap Stam, Rudd van Nistelrooy and Juan Warren.

“Signs like this say: ‘This is a test for you in the dressing room now.’ Compare this to Liverpool’s dressing room with the message received only in the summer with the arrival of full-back Constantinos Simix and the arrival of Takumi Minimino in January.

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“That’s why I like the Antoine Griezmann rumor – if Liverpool had got the French international striker, the dressing room would have thought the vagrant had come to visit.”

Colimore also explained why Liverpool fans may be worried about moving into the new season.

“Cop fans should be very concerned that Liverpool have not signed any big names this summer,” he added.

“Where are the players who should sit in the dressing room and think: ‘We’re going to push ourselves harder this season because Gaffer is getting serious? ‘

“Even with the strength, it will be very difficult for the Reds to match last season’s form; Without them it would be almost impossible.

“Don’t get me wrong, we know the title winners have a great mindset, so they will definitely be competing again. Under boss Jਗੇrgen Klopp, this is actually given. ”

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