Liverpool protest racial crimes against trio after defeat

Liverpool protest racial crimes against trio after defeat

This Wednesday (7), Liverpool repeated their “hateful” racial crimes against Trent Alexander-Arnold, Nabi Keita and Sadio Mane on social media following yesterday’s (6), 3–1 defeat to Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Alexander-Arnold gained England’s favor Emoticons In his most recent Instagram post, Monkey, and similar offenses were directed by Maneta, a Guinea midfielder and a striker from Senegal.

Liverpool said in a statement, “Unfortunately, we are discussing hateful racial crimes the morning after a football game. This is completely unacceptable and needs to be stopped.” “LFC repeals all forms of discrimination, and we continue to work with our inclusive partners through our Red Together initiative to campaign against it.”

English football organizations urged social media companies to tackle the problem of virtual crimes in response to racist messages against players, including Manchester United’s Axel Tuanzebe, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Marshall, and Shion and Arsenal from Eddie Nadia.

Twitter announced several measures after Instagram took action on more than 700 cases of football-related offenses in Britain in 2019 and Twitter promised to continue its efforts.

Liverpool said it would work with concerned authorities to identify the users responsible for the messages.

The English Premier League champions said, “As a club, we will offer our players any and all support they may need.” “We will also work … if possible, to prosecute those responsible.” “We know that this will not be enough until the strongest possible measures are adopted by platforms and regulatory bodies. The current situation cannot be allowed to continue.”

Last month, Arsenal and a French striker, Thierry Henry, wiped out their social media accounts for opposing platforms for not taking action against anonymous account owners who are victims of racism and harassment on the Internet.

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