LIVESTREAM: AFLQ Algester SS v Moooolaba SS

LIVESTREAM: AFLQ Algester SS v Moooolaba SS

The talents of the Sunshine Coast’s growing Aussie rules are bound to fight for the school’s prestige and state glory when they participate in the AFLQ Q School Cup and the SEQ Invitational.

Both events are being held throughout the Friday and Saturday at the Maruchidor Multisports Complex, with the sports line being streamed.

Play again | Eaton’s Hill SS vs. Stella Maris (boys)

Play again | Hillcrest CC vs. Oculus SS (Girls)

Run three times | Alastair SSV Kavanagh SS (Boys)

Play four | Oakley SS vs Glenwall SS (Girls)

Play five | St. Lawrence College vs. Etson Hill SS (Boys)

Play the sixth Crumbin SS vs. St. Lawrence College (boys)

Creek girls fired to hunt for state glory

Coast schools are in the mix, Mountain Creek High, Stella Maris Catholic Primary and Moolaba Primary for broadcast.

Ma Mountain Tennine Creek will host the senior girls and boys as well as the junior boys at the SEQ Invitational while Stella Maris and Moolaba won the men’s and women’s outfits at the AFLK Schools School Cup.

Watch the live broadcast schedule below to see the action live.

Reports from coastal schools will also be uploaded here.

LIVESTREAM Educational


Secondary Investigative and Primary State Qualifications and Eternal Finals


Primary Male: Eatons Hills too Stella Maris

10 a.m .:

Senior: Rat: Park Ridge too Mountain Creek SHS

Primary: Rat: Hillcrest v. Oakleigh S.S.

10.40 am:

Primary Male: Alastair SSV Cavangan SS

11.10 am:

Primary: Rat: Oakligh SSV Glenwell SS

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Elderly: Rat: PBC SHS V Narangba Valley SHS

11.50 am:

St. Lawrence College v. Eatons Hills SS

12.50 pm:

Primary Male: Crumbin SSV St. Lawrence College

1 p.m.:

Elderly Men: Helenswal SSV Narangba Valley SHS

1.20 pm:

Primary: Legend: Algester SSV Mululaba SS

2 pm:

Primary Male: Kawangan SSV St. Mary’s College


Senior Male: PBC SHSV Mountain Creek

3 pm:

Primary Male: St. Mary’s College also Crumbin SS


Primary Female: Pool B runners-up also Pool A 3rd place


Primary male: Stella Maris v Alastair S.S.



SEQ Envoy: Junior Male

SEQ Invincible: Jnr female Rat

8.30 am:

AFLQ Cup: Primary female blood

AFLQ Cup: Primary female blood

9.10 p.m.

AFLQ Cup: Mu Primary Lee


AFLQ Q Cup: SEK Inv Invent Senior Men

9.50 am:

SEQ Invincible: Primary Male


AFLQ Cup: Primary Male

11 a.m .:

SEQ Invincible: Senior female Rat


AFLQ Cup: Mu Primary Lee


AFLQ Cup: Primary Men

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