LOL: takes care of different places on the planet in arcane promotional work

LOL: takes care of different places on the planet in arcane promotional work

Riot leaving no stone unturned to promote sports of distinction, the League of Legends series which will debut on Netflix on Day 6. Many fans reported promotional works for the show in different parts of the planet such as Seoul, Rio de Janeiro, So Paulo, New York and others.

On Reddit, fans raised the main point that Arcane is being promoted. By far the most interesting cafe is a cafe completely themed with the chain in the city of Seoul, South Korea. Korean channel LOL also did a “tour” through that place, check it out.

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The action is also coming to Brazil, with several commercials for Arcane on subways in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo.

Our Valorant and CS:GO reporter showed off this look in the capital of Rio de Janeiro in the video below.

Below, you can also see a small part of this promotion on the Yellow Metro Line in downtown So Paulo.

In New York City, United States, several giant posters are distributed on the main streets of the city.

Check the below image.

Photo: reproduction / reddit

And, finally, Russia also has good publicity. See the giant poster in Moscow.

lol mysterious moscow
Photo: reproduction / reddit

So, how’s the excitement for the series premiere of distinction on netflix? Remembering that the series will come with several promotional functions at the RiotX Arcane event, and you can earn rewards in 5 games from Riot Games during this period. Learn more about it here at Mais Esports.

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