LOL: The Next Champion Might Be A Very “Dark” Yardle Mage

LOL: The Next Champion Might Be A Very “Dark” Yardle Mage

Theories are already swirling in LoL fan circles about the next champion that Riot Games will release. And the studio has already given out big clues about the look and how the next choice will be: and he appears to be a yordle mage with a very “dark” style similar to what Viego launched in League of Legends.

You can watch the video that started the whole discussion below Canal do YouTube da Riot, explaining the full story that has happened since Viego’s appearance.

However, the curious fact is at the end of the video. By showing screens with information about this new topic, Riot Games brings a character “different” from what fans have seen. A Yordal figure stands out, along with Riven, Olaf, Draven, and a dragon that could well be Shyvana.

See it in more detail below.

Even in 2020, fans complained that Riot Sports LoL. But Yordle doesn’t release the champion since 2016. And clearly he has the symptoms of a yordle. However, it remains to be seen what other features it brings. Rumors were spread on forums like reddit That she will be a sorceress and the next character in the line started by Vigo.

Gwen was recently released with the same theme, and we already know that Akshen Has been confirmed as the next LoL Champion. You can find more information about the event and other news right here on MySports, so stay tuned!

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