Lucão Saves Memories of Beginning to Teach Lessons on the Volleyball Team

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at the age of 36, lusao one of the references men’s volleyball teamCurrently focused on controversy League of Nations, After victories over Australia and Slovenia, along with a match against the venerable United States, the center hopes to use its experience to pass on the lessons it has accumulated to young athletes as they get to the first 16 Called years ago.

“I usually say I didn’t refer to one athlete, but an entire generation. We took the most victorious generation in volleyball, which was before me. To get here, I trained a lot with them, there 2006 and between 2008. Then I took a degree. I would look at the centers, what they did, and try to do something similar. If I learned from anyone, I learned from a whole generation. The whole way of working, To concentrate, even conquer everything, persevere, training hard”, rated the Olympic champion.

The list put together by coach Rennan Dal Zoto includes the names of young people or people still looking for confirmation. Players like 19-year-old Adriano and 23-year-old Victor Birgui are the youngest. Lussao, on the other hand, shares his veteran status with Bruninho, Thales and his position mate Isaac, who is 31 years old and has been making history in the national team since 2013.

“I have been participating in this group for a long time. Despite a lot changing over time. I arrived in 2013, and everything was new, I was taking advantage of the opportunity to experience and wear sports at a high level . brazilian team shirt. and today i see that the trajectory was worth it. i dedicate myself completely, trying to improve all the time. learning from the best, who are here, in the country are the best. Today I have much more experience”, commented Isaac.

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Brazil takes on the United States of America in Brasilia, starting at 3 p.m. this Saturday. A day later, on Sunday, he will face China again at 10 am in the capital. Later, he leaves for Sofia, Bulgaria, where he begins another series of League of Nations matches against Poland, Serbia, Iran and Bulgaria. The next destination will be Osaka, Japan, which will face Germany, Canada, France and Japanese hosts.

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