‘Lupine’ was Netflix’s most-watched series in early 2021

'Lupine' was Netflix's most-watched series in early 2021

Netflix reported that the French thriller ‘Lupine’ was the most-viewed title in the streaming service between films and series during the first quarter of 2021. According to the platform data itself, 76 million accounts were seen worldwide, at least two minutes in the first three months of the year, Omar C.

The number of viewers of the series during the opening week is a little over 70 million, which took place on 8 January, but the success is absurd. With more than three months of release, ‘Lupine’ is already one of the most watched titles in Netflix’s history, trailing ‘Bridgerton’ (82 million) and ‘The Witcher’ (76 million). is.


‘Lupine’ was the most-watched series on Netflix in the first quarter of 2021. Image: Disclosure

And the series was not the only production outside the United States that was successful at the beginning of the year. The Irish fantasy drama ‘Fate: The Beaching Saga’ had 57 million views globally, while the Mexican thriller ‘Who Killed Mara Sara?’ – which became the title in a language other than the most popular English in the United States (USA) – attracted 55 million viewers.

For the purpose of giving encouragement In company numbers, Netflix decided to change the count pattern Ideas (Idea) in 2019. Currently, the streaming service records its data “one view” every two minutes.

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After spectacular success with only five episodes, it is clear that ‘Lupine’ had “Part 2”, confirmed by Fenfix. The new unpublished chapters directed by Ludovic Bernard (‘The Climb’) and Hugo Gallin (‘Amore a Segunda Vista’) arrive in the first half of 2021, but no date has been set so far.

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Source: Hollywod Reporter (THR)

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