Macron – 3/25/2021 says EU should “complete” economic response against Kovid-19 crisis

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Paris, 25 March 2021 (AFP) – French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that the European Union would have to “fulfill” its economic and budgetary response to the Kovid-19 crisis if the recovery was “strong” and not far away. Ho. From the United States.

“We need to be very slow for our bureaucracy, very complex, very complex, we are part of our own bureaucracy,” the head of the European Union criticized the European Union after the European Conference at the press conference.

Emanuel Macron insisted the exit from the crisis would involve “maintaining budget support measures during the period of the health crisis and rapid implementation of the € 750 billion European recovery plan approved in July”.

With an “extremely strong” commitment, the European Union was “at work” in its response after the first wave of pandemics in spring 2020, but after the second and third wave, “we may have to complete this response”, warned .

“The strength and plan of the American response was announced a few days ago by the President [Joe] Biden and his Congress placed us before a historic responsibility, ”referring to the French President’s decision to inject US $ 1.9 trillion into the US economy.

According to estimates, “we see that the United States will, more or less, return to its full level before the crisis in mid-2021 and, above all, quickly return to the trajectory they were on”, Macron analyzed .

On the other hand, the European Union will not fix that level “until the spring-summer of 2022”, a distinction “of concern because it is a loss of development capacity”, concluded the French President, who “defended a more powerful response” Does “”.

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