Magnussen recalled the passage of Lightning through Indy and Values ​​Level: “extremely high”.

Magnussen recalled the passage of Lightning through Indy and Values ​​Level: "extremely high".

One of the sensations of Formula 1 in 2022, Kevin Magnussen had a lightning stint at IndyCar in 2021. The Danish driver competed in the Road America GP for McLaren, replacing the injured Felix Rosenquist. K-Mag abandoned the race with mechanical problems, but highlighted the learning and difficulty in its route through the United States.

With Haas back on the Formula 1 grid, Magnussen missed a last-minute call made by McLaren, and had difficulties driving the car for the first time in free practice, without any previous testing experience.

“I got used to driving Formula 1, which is very different from IndyCar. When I got the chance, it was a few days before the event, so I didn’t have time for anything. No simulator, no tests “First time in IndyCar. It was in free practice 1, and there are only two drills. I said yes, why would I say no? And it was tough”, he said in an interview with RaceFan.


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Photo: Haas F1 Team / Grand Prix

Magnussen, who also competed in the 2021 IMSA season, praised the high level of the IndyCar grid. The pilot also participated in the 2022 pre-season of the category before being called in by Haas to become the starter and replace Nikita Mazepin.

“Fully [competitivo], They are very good. It’s just that they are different things. I went there and had a tough time, I guess I was surprised by how difficult it was to drive that car. It is so different and incomparable, it is not easy. But it’s certainly competitive, some of these drivers are of the highest standard.”

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