Man with bipolar disorder adopts 120 tarantulas

Man with bipolar disorder adopts 120 tarantulas

A 34-year-old man was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and the doctor advised him Hobby to help Treatment, Instead of playing sports, Aaron Phoenix decided to adopt 120 tarantula,

The spiders have their own room at Aaron’s house in Britain, his wife and step-daughters don’t mind. Because, according to Aaron, the spiders really helped him mental health,

“At first my partner and kids were a little scared, but they immediately saw the positive effect on me and became supportive”

account aaron

Aaron was diagnosed bipolar disorder last year, after receiving a diagnosis of depression one year ago.

“The doctor told me that a hobby would focus my mind – it’s true, I find them attractive. I could sit and watch them for hours – they made an amazing impression on me and I will never stop owning a tarantula again.” .

Aaron said

The room where Aaron keeps his pet tarantula – Photo: Personal collection

120. Ahead of tarantulashe has three Scorpionthree praying mantis Is centipede, each with a separate enclosure. information is from daily star,

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