Manchester City and Liverpool did everything that makes anyone love football – 04/10/2022 – Juka Caffori

Manchester City and Liverpool did everything that makes anyone love football - 04/10/2022 - Juka Caffori

In the early 1960s, people who loved football became excited about the days when Santos and Botafogo met, for whatever reason, Libertadores, Taça Brasil, Rio-So Paulo tournament or simple friendly.

Between 1960 and 1963, the height of the Carioca team (Santos lasted longer) was nine games with 37 goals, more than four per game, 20 from Santos, 17 from Botafogo.

The balance was shaped between the teams of Rie Pele and Mane Garrincha which were four wins and one draw for each side.

People who didn’t care about football would start liking it if they watched the game, even if they weren’t the most popular club in the country.

On Sunday, April 10, the enthusiasm of the football lover was no less.

There was neither Pele nor Mane, but Belgian Kevin de Bruyne on the blue side and Mohamed Salah of Egypt on the red side.

And like the Brazilian blacks, the two best teams in the United Kingdom kept their promise in an unforgettable show that ended 2-2.

Of course, the national classic was not limited to 10 and 7, as it featured the likes of Zito, Coutinho, Nilton Santos, Didi, Pepe and Amarildo, among other stalwarts.

In addition, in the conflict between the leader and runner-up of the English championship, separated by only one point, there are many stars such as Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson and Ederson, Dutch defender Van Dijk, Portuguese Cancello, as well as other stalwarts, such as Senegalese Mane. , who is not Garrincha, and Portuguese Bernardo Silva.

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What was seen at City’s stadium was a more electrifying stoppage time of 90 minutes, with De Bruyne starting the scoring in the 5th minute of the game and Mane equalizing 50 seconds in the second half as no one could blink. Was.

Taking one’s gaze off the screen was to miss an important move, whether in building from the defense zone, or in a shot inside the field, or in a great defence, or in a ball over the crossbar.

Ninety minutes like the last three in NBA games!

One of those games that are pitiful at the end and that are so good you forget you have the brilliant Catalan Pep Guardiola on one bench and the no less brilliant German Jurgen Klopp on the other.

Note to the rare reader and the rare reader that if there are no foreigners in the Brazilian references, there is no English in English, because the Premier League is the new foreign force.

Players are hired to sleep and who run after the ball like a plate of food, as millionaires are professional and aware that the show cannot stop.

The relentless fight to occupy the blank, the insane brawl for possession of the ball, in a lasting tribute to the fan, to football.

Imagine that there is no exaggeration here, but a heartfelt thanks to the afternoon of that ball, which is able to remind the childhood of those who fell in love with the so-called Breton game, precisely because of the quality that he felt in the feet. Knew the greatest lord who lived in Planeta Bola.

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two wonders
Serra surprised Palmeiras at home, winning 3 to 2 and putting up an unbearable rush to the overwhelming Alvivarde calendar. Two goals in less than 15 minutes of play give the measure of the size of the surprise.

The Corinthians surprised Botafogo at Nilton Santos with a 3-0 first half and the Rio de Janeiro Bears filled in to celebrate Glorioso’s return.

In the second half, without Willian who was on the field, and without Paulinho, Timo scored a goal: 3 to 1.

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