Marcos Mion to present reality show on Netflix; Know details · TV news

Marcos Mion to present reality show on Netflix;  Know details · TV news

After months of speculation about his potential move to Globo, Marcos Mion was announced as Netflix’s new mercenary in late April. Although he worked as an actor early in his career, he would not appear in series or films by the streaming giant. Your destination will be a reality show.

Hey TV news It was found that he was hired for the nonfiction core of the platform in Brazil. As he began negotiations with Netflix executives, the presenter offered a wealth of project ideas that he could develop into a new home.

As Netflix is ​​expanding its production of realities in the country, Mion’s arrival is fitted like a glove. With the departure of Giovanna Evbank hired by the recently launched HBO Max, the presenter’s name appears as the favorite to take over The Circle Brasil.

The second season of the reality show is yet to be recorded due to the delay in vaccination against Covid-19 in Brazil. The circle is fully registered in Manchester, England, which has not been received by Brazilian tourists at this time as it is still one of the countries with the highest number of deaths from the disease in the world.

In addition to being part of the Netflix reality team, one of the works planned for Mione is the production of a documentary about autism, which is her main social cause. He wrote books and lectured on the condition, inspired by his experience with his eldest son Romeo, suffering from autism spectrum disorder.

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For now, the pre-record continues with his family in the United States, awaiting the progress of the projects. Demanded, Netflix did not appear until the publication of this text.

The streaming giant has produced a series of reality releases this year with Brazilian DNA: The Wedding at the Blind, which will be commanded by Camilla Quiroz and Kleber Toledo, and Playing with Fire, which has already been recorded in Mexico. January and February, and is in the final editing stage.

Record resignation

Marcos Mion was removed from the record at the end of January, a month after presenting a Fazenda 12, which was a success in terms of viewership, commercial sales and results. The presenter’s contract with the broadcaster will run until December this year, but the management has decided to end the deal first.

In form of TV news Despite delivering anticipated, good results, the artist no longer had a good relationship with the record’s high dome. Mion also angered the directors of the reality show and was accused of not respecting the rules internally, complaining too much and feeling like the show’s owner.

And Globo?

Soon after the record’s resignation, the presenter began to be cited at Globo. He was one of the public’s favorites to take charge of No Limit 5, which eliminated Andre Marx. In an interview earlier this month, Mion admitted that the audience leader’s invitation had not arrived.

“There are many things that make it unforgivable. I am still hired by the record until the end of April. Plans exist, but at the right time I will be able to speak and let everyone know”, the presenter said during a talk. With Lucas Selfie at the premiere of Laundry Podcast.

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Despite being removed from the record in January, he had to follow a three-month “notice” bond, which ended the week he was announced as a Netflix contractor.

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