Mario confirms talks with BTG and assesses the value of Fluminance to become SAF

Mário Bittencourt - Fluminense

President of fluminenzeMario Bittancourt talks about SAF (Soccer Anonymous of Football) at the Tricolor Club. Before the match against Fortaleza, during the “Tiranga em Toda Terra” eventThe Tricolor representative spoke about the interaction with investment bank BTG Pactual and said that meetings are being held with the officials. However, he took some thought and still believes that the club is worth around R$2 billion.

– The issue of SAF is, in a future study about, whether or not Fluminance can convert itself to SAF, whether the investor has control or not. For example, Athletico defends the institution of a SAF, but with control of the club. Bahia, possibly also ending with Grupo City. What we heard from the principal of BTG Bank in the first conversation was that there is no point in making any changes at this time if there is no league in the future. If there is a league in the future, the clubs will be worth much more and will sell much better. When he talks about the league, it is not the signing of this document, because if we sign it, we will be relying on the assembly to form the league and it will be ready only in 2025 or 2026 – Mario Said who added:

– Clubs are being sold for an average of R$400,500,600 million. Fluminance, over the past five or six years, only sold something around R$650 million, in terms of player sales. Our difference from the others is that we have a very good training base and we clearly managed to stay on our feet. The BTG study evaluates Fluminance and we believe that Xerem alone is worth about $1 billion. No numbers, it’s a hypothetical situation, study not ready, but luminance is not less than $2 billion in our mind, without study and also in mind of financial institution. It may be that in the future we develop and we may find other investment models even before the league, when the club will have much less debt and money to invest, in order to financially prepare the club in place of the league. will be able to obtain. In your football department.

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about btg

It is a Brazilian investment bank, specialized in investment capital and venture capital, in addition to investment funding, wealth management and the administration of global assets. BTG Pactual is a publicly traded company managed by Coalition, which currently has 64 partners and 175 associates, and was the result of the acquisition of the bank UBS Pactual by BTG Investments.

The bank was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Praia de Botafogo in the city of Rio de Janeiro and in Avenida Brigadiro Faria Lima in So Paulo. In addition, it also has offices in other global financial centers such as New York, London and Latin America. It is present in at least nine countries such as the United States, Chile, Mexico, United Kingdom, Portugal, Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

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