Mars is set to approach Earth this week, and you can see the performance

How Mars rules the night sky in October

October 2020 Mars in the night sky will be bright and beautiful.


Forgetting Halloween. It’s all about the glory of October Mars, as the shining red planet puts on a display in the night sky. You can enjoy all the months as a beacon of Mars light, but there are two special dates to mark your calendar: October 6 when the planet approaches Earth, and October 13 when it will be in opposition. .


Mars is known as the “red” planet, but in the night sky its color is slightly different on the Halloween side of the spectrum. It looks like a tiny spot of shiny rust, like a bright orange-red dot to the naked eye.

The unique color of Mars is a clue that you put it in the dark. Look to the eastern sky to catch it as the night climbs. This is a great time to see the planet, in part because it’s so easy to see. It should be visible for most of the night. As NASA says“Just go out and see and based on your local weather and lighting conditions, you should be able to see Mars.”

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Approach: 6 October

Tuesday, October 6 marks the approach of Mars. This would be a great time to grab a pair of binoculars and get a glimpse. Give them a wave NASA’s Commitment Rover When you’re on it. The vehicle is on its way to reach the planet in February 2021.

NASA shared an artist’s view of the approaching approach on Tuesday, October 6 Compared to the last contraction in July 2018. The obvious shapes look very similar. This year, the minimum distance to Mars will be 38.6 million miles (62 million kilometers), which is about 3 million miles more than in 2018.

This artist’s view shows the apparent size of Mars during approaching 2018 and 2020.


Opposition: 13 October

When Mars and the Sun meet Earth in the middle, the Red Planet is in opposition. This is a good time to track the movement of Mars in the sky. It will rise in the east as the sun sets, cross the sky and then ascend in the west as the sun rises.

NASA describes the opposition “Effectively ‘full’ Mars.” Tuesday, October 13 is the time to enjoy the protests. You have to wait two years for this to happen again.

“The planetary race pattern explains why. Earth and Mars are like runners on a track. Earth is inside, Mars is outside,” he said. NASA said in its October WhatsApp blog. “Every 26 months, the Earth rapidly picks up Mars and slows it down. Resistance occurs as the Earth leads.”

Mars doesn’t just appear in the sky for October. You can too Wait for a rare Halloween blue moon When our lunar neighbor is full on October 31st. It’s not scary; It’s smelly.

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