Marta is touched by the surprise of the Brazilian team’s birthday

Marta is touched by the surprise of the Brazilian team's birthday

Turning 35 years old last Friday (19), Marta was surprised by the Brazilian team when she came across a message from her mother during a press conference. Shirt 10 spoke to reporters, aiming for a duel against the United States team, this Sunday (20), when he was surprised by the congratulatory video.

“Congratulations, my daughter, on this special day! God bless you and you will be lucky in the next games. You are very special and I love you very much at heart! I want you to be happy! And this date for many years. “Donna Tereza da Silva, wishes Marta’s mother.”

The athlete’s godmother, Riso Lira, was also present among the tributes. “Happy birthday and best wishes! Marta! It’s hard to talk to you, because you are so special. You never came into my life. You are the daughter I didn’t have and I wish you the best!” is celebrated.

Shirt 10, who celebrated his birthday for the first time during a summons, did not include crying during messages from family members.

“My mother is the love of my life! My godmother has become my second mother, without a doubt. She helps me a lot, she is my mentor. It is definitely a love for life. I love you I am thankful for Hoon and Sundar. These people of the Alagas cry “, the athlete replied.

Marta will be on the pitch this Sunday against the United States in the She Bills tournament taking place in Orlando. The ball will roll at 5:00 pm, Brasilia time.

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