Marta poses in Timo’s shirt and the director remarks: “Anything is possible”

Marta poses in Timo's shirt and the director remarks: "Anything is possible"

The Queen of Football gave hope to fans of Corinthians and the director of women’s football did not rule out hiring her. Photo: (Reproduction/Instagram)

Christmas gift? Corinthians fans were thrilled when they opened Instagram today and, storiesCame across a post from profile @martavsilva10. Yes, Rainha Marta posted to her 2.6 million followers and anyone who enters her official profile, a video of Timon at the gym wearing a t-shirt.

The greatest player in history, who is currently 35 years old, has filled fans of Parque So Jorge club with hope. The Orlando Pride player was considered in Corinthians, as he is an ambassador for Neo Quimica, the club’s sponsor and the company that gives the stadium its name in Alvinegro.

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Asked whether there is a possibility of hiring Rainha Marta and his Brazilian teammate Andressa Alves, board of directors Chris Gambre said these are possible dreams: “Right now, we are working, and my committee is that Whoever mentions anything. Might be possible? Nothing is impossible, but the focus at the moment is on what is possible, what is needed and working within our plan.”

Chris said, praising the two players and connecting them to the Corinthians: “Andressa Alves and Marta are sensational, wonderful athletes, we know the potential of each in their roles, and anything is possible. They are very important and They have a wonderful relationship with Game Corinthians. Everything is possible, right?”.

In the current season in the United States, Marta played 19 matches, 17 as a starter and scored 7 goals, 4 runs and 3 assists, for the National Women’s Football League, the first division of women’s football in the country.

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