Marvel fans found error in post-credits scene

Marvel fans found error in post-credits scene

spider man 3 Breaking every possible record reached the theaters. It was the most watched film in a single day in Brazilian history (click here to read more), it was the third highest grossing film in US history (click here to read more), And many other records around the world (click here for… you know).

With more fans watching, more questions. We are sure this one will also make you think a little. on Twitter, @detectivcomics Asked a question that if you hadn’t asked yourself before, you would now ask:

Marvel Fan Questions

And in fact, Tom Hardy’s Venom doesn’t know Spider-Man because in reality he doesn’t have one, much less that Peter Parker is Spider. So why was he brought to reality by Tom Holland? In fact, it’s a scoop for which we may never have an explanation.

What may seem like an explanation, perhaps, is that the Venom symbiote has already gone into Spider-Man in some reality, as at the end of Venom 2 the symbiote tells Eddie how long he’s already lived. Is. Did one of those lives include a reality in which he knew who Spider-Man was?

And so, having a symbiosis in his body, Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock was going along because the symbiote has an association with Spider-Man. But it’s all just a theory… well, at some point this question should reach Marvel’s ears and we should (or shouldn’t) have an explanation.

Stay tuned for Marvel’s legacy for Spider-Man: No Return Home, and watch the movie in theaters today!

Seeing the scene of the film, the mercury of the fans went up – see

The film is receiving critical acclaim, currently with 95% rotten Tomatoes, and now fans are able to testify spider man 3 Truly a huge hit from Sony and Marvel Studios, which will go down in history.

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Anyone who has been able to watch the movie has seen football stadium-like sessions, with fans trembling with moments they’ve waited for more than a year, moments that didn’t disappoint when they finally happened.

A video is going viral on the network that sparks the reaction of the French public to the scene where Tobey Maguire returns spider man 3, after 14 years without Marvel winning the hero. Watch the emotional reaction below:

What do you? keep following wondrous legacy Don’t miss anything new!

Chase scene with Doctor Strange released

spider man no return home The press has been featured in several press booths and these special opening sessions have been highly acclaimed by critics and guests.

One of the most admirable strengths of the film is its action sequences which are very well choreographed and filmed, and the characters are very well exploited with their powers.

The film also highlights villains, where the acting and delivery of actors returning in roles are highly praised. But not every scene where Peter is in some kind of fight against a villain.

There’s also the chase scene between Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, which we’ve seen in several trailers and commercials, and which has just been released almost exclusively on PlayStation. check out:

The scene was criticized during the film’s promotional period, where fans were not very happy with the visual effects of the scene, which looked too fake, but they seem to have managed to make a decent improvement to the scene over time. are.

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And the CGI improvement of the film is not exclusive to this scene, we recently did an article showing the CGI improvement of the film which you can check out click here,

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Spider-Man: No Return Home The official title of the sequel is Spider-Man: Away From Home, Starring third solo film tom holland, The film is part of the MCU Multiverse Trilogy, which is started wandavision And after this Doctor Strange 2,

Apart from Holland, EPIC Cast spider man 3 count with Benedict Cumberbatch, Zendaya I jacob batalone, Yes, the Giants are back! Including Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield And the villains: willem defoe (green Goblin), Alfred Molina (Doctor Octopus) and Jamie Foxx (electro)!

would you believe it?! Aranhavarso is real and the movie is now available in theaters imax 3d, 3D, and 2D too. Is this really the best Spider-Man movie ever? see our review click here!

Read all about Spider-Man: No Return Home!

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