Mass Reorganization: Should We Leave Sunrise UPC?

Mass Reorganization: Should We Leave Sunrise UPC?
  Sunrise UPC: Consumer has not finished ...
Suryoday UPC: Consumer has not paid …

The scale of layoffs after sunrise absorption by UPC raises many questions. The key words are indeed economies of scale, but it is still necessary to have the means to achieve them … In the meantime, the customer can bear the cost of these mistakes well. Solid example…

After my sunrise internet box fiber testThe operator kindly offered to replace it as the diode did not light correctly. Several weeks later, I received an email asking me to return the first device, which I did immediately.

Confirmation in Extremism

After finding proof of my dismissal, I first called the Sunrise UPC Hotline, which sent me to another number. The contact person was not able to tell me whether this device came or not. He told me to wait for monthly billing and to claim if the device should be billed.

I still contacted a very attentive person who offered to exchange faulty routers. He confirmed to me the good reception of this product. Note that in the meantime, various updates have fixed other problems.

Employees under pressure

In short. The image given by this example experienced prior to the announcement of massive job cuts is not spectacular in terms of process control. What will be the chaotic state of Sunrise UPC when the morale of the nearly mobilized employees through this reorganization is the lowest? Remember the disastrous change in salt on the tech forum…

Employees who will likely work miracles to try to move thousands of Sunrise customers to UPC’s metal coaxial. Not to mention the technical and cultural difficulties associated with the merger. An employee who would push forward to do the work of hundreds of his colleagues sacrificed to grow the portfolio of management shareholders and pay Federer’s advertisements … Should we leave the American operator Sunrise UPC?

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