Massa News – Flavors from India and Italy meet in a new restaurant in Curitiba

Opened in March 2020, Curry Pasta, in Curitiba, could only be officially opened this week, on Monday (13), after almost a year and a half, due to the coronavirus pandemic. But that didn’t shake the plans of Chef Rafael LaFrea, who runs the charming restaurant’s kitchen. “The pandemic was a punch in the stomach, but cracking curry pasta was my dream, I directed all my resources towards it”, he says.

The good management of chefs who hold degrees in information technology meant that the restaurant remained active during months when commercial activities were restricted, operating in delivery and take-away modes. During a trip to Canada, Lafaria worked with renowned chef Sanjay from 2012 to 2015. “There I had management experience and learned the procedures of a restaurant in practice. Being a chef was an important learning experience for me”, he adds.

Curry Pasta presents fusion cuisine, which can be considered when a reference from the West and from the East is very clear on the palate. “In our case, an explosion of spices and flavor in Indian cuisine, with pasta from Italy. This is the fusion that the customer finds in curry pasta dishes”, explains the chef.

Speaking of curries, the chef clarifies the name of the restaurant, which accurately refers to the infinity of offerings and mixes that can be made in the kitchen. “Curry means mix, in India each family has its own curry, each grandmother has her own curry recipe”.

Inside the Curry Pasta Kitchen, Rafael Lafaria contains 40 to 50 spices, which when mixed together give the dishes desired tanginess and sensations, such as lightness, intensity and freshness. “I don’t necessarily work with chili, which people often associate when they hear the word curry,” says the chef.

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successful partnership

After returning from Canada, Rafael Lafaria began venturing into gastronomy. He spent a few months in So Paulo, others in Porto Alegre, attending events, but he returned to the IT field for three years, until he realized he no longer wanted to do what he wanted to do. Were. Over the weekend I already cooked for family and friends. “I took the food to the office staff and they said if I cook more they will buy it. Those were the first curries”, he explains.

Then, LaFaria signed up on the circuit of gastronomic fairs in Curitiba to sell 70 dishes a night. After a year of running the fair, customers asked if it had a restaurant. was not. That’s when they opened delivery at Rua Jacarezinho in Mercês in 2019, and entered the chef course at the European Center.

Rafael Lafaria is in charge of the kitchen and curry pasta every day, but the restaurant, as the chef is keen to point out, only exists because of a partnership with Dudu Sperandio.

“Leaving class, Dudu did not have a car, I gave him a ride, and we soon became friends. I presented him my curry, as the delivery worked close to Ernesto and from there everything was very fast, so much so that weeks later we were looking for a place to open Curry Pasta in partnership”, he partnered with It is said about Dudu Sperandio.


curry pasta

Address: Rua Manoel Ribas, 750 – Mercês

the schedule: Tuesday to Sunday – Lunch

Tuesday to Saturday – Lunch and Dinner

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Tuesday and Wednesday – 11:30 am to 10 pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – 11:30 am to 11:00 pm

Contact phone number – (41) 99997-2053

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