Max Verstappen crashed out of P2 at Emola


Published Date: November 12020

Red Bull’s Max Worstappen Emilia Romagna crashed out of the Grand Prix, which appeared to be a dramatic tire failure.

The Dutchman drove the P2 after making an impressive move around the outside of Mercedes’ Voltaire Boats, which caused floor damage, but on the Lap 51 it all came to an end.

Villanuev’s on-board cameras showed a piece of debris from RK16 in Vikretapen as the Dutchman lost control and slipped into a gravel trap.

Sadly Red Bull The beach was done and the race for Verstapen was over.

Worstappan had completed 32 laps on his hard tires but it seems that the tire failure was the real reason for the incident.

The Red Bull man started the race in style, and made a move to bring Lewis Hamilton into the P2.

Hamilton will then lead the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix by capturing Verstappen and team-mate Voltaire Boats, and will be in a position to be tied to the boats shortly after Verstappen is put on the boats.

Worstappan looked for a comfortable P2 after a gap of about seven seconds between the bots.

Speaking to Sky F1 about the incident, Christian Bonner, principal of the Red Bull team, said: “Obviously it’s a little early but from everything we can see that it looks like an instant puncture that is some kind of debris. Suggests.

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“It’s a shame he passed Voltaire. I don’t think we would have caught Lewis but it was a second guarantee.”

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