McLaughlin celebrates first IndyCar win: ‘I can’t believe it’

McLaughlin celebrates first IndyCar win: ‘I can’t believe it’

McLaughlin celebrates victory at St Pete GP

Photo: IndyCar / Grand Prix

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Scott McLaughlin takes his first IndyCar win at the 2022 season opener in St. Petersburg, Florida, this Sunday (27). The New Zealander started in the lead, managed the race well and took the pressure off Spaniard Alex Palu in the final laps of the race.

The race deprived McLaughlin of energy, who was showing signs of exhaustion after the stage. The Penske driver also collapsed while exiting the car to celebrate his first win in the category.

Scott McLaughlin recalled in an interview with NBCSN, “Oh man, it was crazy, I struggled a lot the last few laps against fatigue, I had to keep my head straight and manage fuel.” “But we did it, Chevrolet helped us with fuel and handling, it was a big change”, thanked the New Zealander.

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Scott McLaughlin fell to the ground as he exited the car (Photo: IndyCar)

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“I love you Australia, New Zealand, I miss you! Thank you everyone in Queensland! Oh I can’t believe it!”, added Penske Pilot.

The 28-year-old is only in his second full season in this category. Last year, his best result was a second place at the Texas GP. After the victory in Florida, he recounted the trajectory of the Tourist Championships in Australia until he immigrated and settled in the United States.

McLaughlin said, “I have DEX Imaging who came to thank me and trust me, and Roger Penske for giving me the opportunity to be here.” The New Zealander said, “I miss my father and mother so much, I wish they were here. What a wonderful day.”

With the win, McLaughlin leads the IndyCar season, returning to the Texas GP on March 20.

Indie Guide 2022: Favorites, News & Expectations

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