MEC will resume professorship program in the United Kingdom – Portuguese (Brazil)

MEC will resume professorship program in the United Kingdom – Portuguese (Brazil)

The Minister of Education, Victor Godoy, announced the relaunch of the Catedra do Brasil program in the United Kingdom this Thursday (26). The Head of the Ministry of Education (MEC), along with Secretaries, Advisors and Director of International Relations for Coordination for Reform of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), Livia Palumbo, signed a Declaration of Intent with English Universities in London. The last chair in the country was in 2018.

The objective of the program is to send professors, researchers, intellectuals and public policy makers abroad, providing an environment conducive to analysis of the role played by Brazil globally and the positions adopted by the country on global issues. In addition, it aided in the spread of Brazilian culture and science in the United Kingdom. CAPES offers scholarships to participating Brazilians.

According to Godoy, the measure aims to ensure Brazil’s presence in privileged platforms for the production and dissemination of knowledge about Brazil in a country that is recognized as a global center of academic excellence.

The minister said, “Today’s signing is an important milestone for Brazilian education. We hope to soon strengthen this agreement, reintroduce chairs and provide more quality education options for Brazilian graduate students.” We do.”

Among UK educational institutions that have signed the letter of intent are the universities of CambridgeKing’s College from the University of London, Oxford University And educational institution from University of London.

Director of International Relations at CAPES, Livia Palumbo, explained how the talks would work. “With the agreement signed, CAPES will hold virtual meetings with representatives of four universities to define specific areas of activity for Brazilian professors. Official documents are already being prepared so that we can send call notices”, he said.

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At various moments of cooperation between the two countries, four chairs were implemented: the Encio Teixeira Chair, at the Institut de Educacao da University College London, In the feild of education; Rio Branco Chair at the University of Oxford in the field of International Relations; Rio Branco Chair, in King’s College London, in the field of international relations; and the Celso Furtado Chair at the University of Cambridge in the field of History and Humanities.

Roberto Doring, Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of Brazil in the United Kingdom, highlighted the importance of restarting the Chairs programme. “This signing is fundamental, as the relationship between Brazil and the United Kingdom is old and dense, and educational cooperation is a central part of these relations. This demonstrated intention and the sensitivity of Minister Viktor Godoy in being present is a cause for great satisfaction. Will enhance Brazil’s sustainability in places of excellence in the Kingdom and encourage British academics to move to Brazil to conduct their research and studies,” he said.

bilateral agenda
On the fifth day of the agenda in the United Kingdom, the MEC team also made institutional visits to important educational institutions in the country. In addition to the Minister, the Secretary of Basic Education, Mauro Rabello, Vocational and Technical Education, Tomas Santana and Higher Education, Wagner Vilas Bose, the consultant and technician was able to learn the facilities and teaching methods of one. The College of Higher Education focuses on technical and vocational education and training.

Apart from visiting universities, the delegation from the Ministry of Education had the opportunity to visit an inclusive school that has an excellent offer for children with special educational needs.

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Banner and Image 1: Minister Victor Godoy and the MEC team participate in the signing of an agreement to resume professorship in the United Kingdom (Photo: Marcella Lima – MEC)
Figure 2: Livia Palumbo, Director of International Relations at CAPES, signs a letter on Professorship Programs with the United Kingdom (Photo: Marcella Lima – MEC)

The Coordination for Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) is an agency attached to the Ministry of Education (MEC).
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