Medium’s Blobber team partners with Sony

Medium’s Blobber team partners with Sony

a new license agreement, newly signed by Sony and blobber teamSuggests addition to the studio’s game catalog playstation plus, According to the document, a distribution partnership has been signed to bring “selected titles” to the “new distribution system,” with more news coming soon.

The commitment is the first formal maneuver between the companies, followed by Rumors that Blobber will be working on Silent Hill For PS5, Now a text file is “rendered in”” (Via reset era) confirms the conversation and expects a statement with “release dates”, indicating the game’s availability from the creator Extra and Deluxe Membership Plans,

Source: Reset Era

Blubber Team SA: Entering into a significant licensing and distribution agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.

The Board of Directors of Blobber Team SA is hereby notified that the Issuer has entered into a significant licensing and distribution agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC for the distribution of the Issuer’s selected titles in a new distribution system. The issuer will provide details, including release dates, in a separate updated report. In the opinion of the issuer, the sale of securities will have an impact on the issuer’s financial results for the period 2022 and beyond.

The Polish studio is currently working on two unannounced games – one in production and one in pre-production. In relation to games already published, its list includes medium, layers of fear 1 and 2, Observer And Blair Witch as the most relevant names.

Blobber team up with exclusivity deal?

Just as a contract with Sony may indicate the presence of blobber Team games in the PS Plus catalog, it is possible to enter an exclusivity agreement with the PlayStation console. It remains to be seen what the outcome of this agreement will be.

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