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Updated: October 3, 2020 at 3:18:58 p.m.

With its free use feature expanding over several months, users can now continue their business and online activities on the platform hassle-free without the need for a trading account. (Image: Google)

Google Meat’s Free-to-Use Call Feature Related to the epidemic situation as of March 2021, Google will soon introduce a number of new features for its video calling platform, the polling and question-and-answer feature. Is going to. While Google had already announced the features in June, it confirmed the release in August. Both features are very similar to the Zoom video-calling app.

As described AndroidPolis, Both of these features will be rolled out gradually from October 8 Further and will be available for platforms such as G Suite Enterprise for Education, G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Essentials, and G Suite Business.

At this time, Google has not confirmed when these features will be available for G Suite Basic, G Suite for Education, and G Suite for non-profit customers. Accordingly Android Central, Is rumored to be qualified by October 23.

In addition, Google said in a blog post that the End Edge feature will support people who are soft-spoken and take a little longer to process their ideas in a crowded environment. While this will encourage them to present their ideas, it will also include more meetings that will give everyone a chance to ask questions.

On the polling feature, Google said it would create a favorable environment for both business and education to get feedback at meetings. Through real-time feedback, teachers can find out their level of understanding through their students’ quizzes while a sales representative can make an interactive upgrade to their moves through customer feedback.

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Earlier, Google Meet also upgraded its video conferencing app from Active Noise Rejection to a background-blur feature. In addition, it has added support for Chromecast devices with a white board facility and a distribution of participants in a gallery of 49 people.

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