Meet the cast of The Force of Nature, an action film on Netflix

Meet the cast of The Force of Nature, an action film on Netflix

Every month, Netflix Includes new films in its catalog and there is always one or the other that catches a lot of customers’ attention.

Is a matter of Force of nature, An action catastrophe film released in 2020 and directed by Michael polish From the script Corey Miller.

In the film, we follow Ray, A former police officer who tries to overcome personal tragedy. In return, he lives in one of the buildings that will have to be abandoned due to the arrival of a giant storm.

The film is packed with important names of cinema, find out below the cast a force of nature:

Mel Gibson

Mel Columseil Gerard GibsoN is an actor, film director, filmmaker and screenwriter.

Mel Gibson, When he entered the cinematographic scene, he received excellent acclaim from film critics, and many comparisons with classic cinema stars. Gibson It was called “a mixture of Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart”.

Presence of physicist of Mel Gibson This makes it natural for action movie roles, such as the Mad Max film series and the film series Deadly machine. Later, Gibson Expanded his work into a variety of roles, such as small villageAnd like comedy Maverick and What Women Like.

His greatest financial and artistic success came when he extended his work to direction and production, such as The man without a faceIn 1993, BraveIn 1995, Patriot, in 2000, Passion of christIn 2004, and Apocalypto, in 2006.

Emile Hirsch

Emile Davenport Hirsch Is an American actor and director and known for acting in films the Mudge Boy, Lords of Dogtown, Alpha dog, girl next door, in forest, speed Racer, milk I lone survivor.

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Kate bosworth

Catherine Ann Bosworth An actress is the answerMarikana and became world famous after appearing in the 1998 film The Horse Whisperer and the film Dream wave. Since then, he has had lead roles in the most diverse films, including Superman – The Return, Where he played Lois Lane.

David zais

David zais Is a Puerto Rican film and television actor. He is best known for his roles as Angel Batista in the series The right, From Showtime and as Enrique Morales in the series Oz gives Hbo.

Stephanie Kayo

Stephanie Christina Kayo Sanginetti More known as Stephanie KayoIs a Peruvian actress who began her career at the age of 9, where she appeared in Peru soap operas Heart prank.

She later appeared as the lead character in several television series, most notably receiving international appearances as the main female character in the international series. stolen Kisses.

Sven Temmel

Sven Temmel Is an Austrian actor who moved to the US with his mother and father in 1997 and in 2018 he became a United States citizen.

No cinema, Care Worked with some of the biggest players in the trade. They worked together Sylvester Stallone I Matthew Modine In the action film “Post-tracing“. Later, they worked together Bruce wills I Michael Chiklis in “10 minutes gone“.

Tyler John Olson

Tyler John Olson Is an actor and producer known for Midnight in switchgrass, Force of nature (2020) e Big Bang: Ek Tera (2007).

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