Member of Ukrainian Hacker Group sentenced to 10 years in prison in US – 04/16/2021

US trade deficit widens to $ 68.1 billion in November - 01/07/2021

SAN FRANCISCO, April 17, 2021 (AFP) – A Ukrainian citizen has been sentenced to 10 years in prison in the United States for participating in a hacking group that tampered with millions of financial accounts in the country, the Justice Department said on Friday Announced (14).

Authorities said Fader Hadaire, 35, worked as a manager and system administrator for a group of hackers known as Fin7.

According to the US Department of Justice, Hladyr Three was arrested in mid-2018 on charges of hacking more than 100 US companies and stealing millions of credit and debit card numbers.

“The plaintiffs and their conspirators caused millions of financial accounts for Americans and more than a billion dollars in damages for Americans,” Interim Attorney General Nicholas McCuid said in a statement.

Hladyr was arrested in Germany and then extradited to the United States for Seattle, where he pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit cyber crimes and electronic fraud in 2019.

In the statement, prosecutor Tessa Gorman said, “There were more than 70 people in this criminal organization, organized into business units and business teams.”

He said, “The accused acted at the crossroads of all these activities and therefore have a huge responsibility for the millions of losses suffered by companies and individual consumers.”

The Justice Department said that the “prolific hacker group” also targeted computer networks in the UK, Australia and France.

According to the prosecution, only in the United States, “more than 6 million point-of-sale terminals with more than 6600 point-of-sale terminals” stole more than 20 million customer card records.

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