Mercury Integrates Unparalleled Initiative on Combating Climate Change in the Amazon with the United States

Mercury Integrates Unparalleled Initiative on Combating Climate Change in the Amazon with the United States

Parsa’s government is part of an unprecedented initiative in protecting the environment, joining more than 20 Brazilian states that signed a letter to United States President Joe Biden aimed at strengthening the international environmental agenda and Paris. The agreement, which sets targets for improving the climate on the planet. The intention of the governors to implement joint action is to account for most of the Amazon rainforest, proposing cooperation between the United States and Brazilian state governments. The letter will be sent by 20 April. The National Forum of Governors makes it clear to send with US Ambassador Todd Chapman to Brazil.

According to Helder Barbalho, it is in the interests of all of Amazon’s states to seek solutions to contribute to the region’s socioeconomic and environmental development. “President Joe Biden’s government projections are highly relevant to Amazon, so that we can join efforts to create solutions and as a pillar commitments to social, economic and environmental development, and the role that Amazon has for Should be exercised. The balance of the planet ”, emphasized the governor.Governor Helder Barbalho (D) and Secretary Mauro Ode Almeida explore measures for socioeconomic and environmental development in the Amazon

With the support of Brazil from the civil society institutions, researchers and scientists at the Climate Center (CBC), a partnership between Brazil and the North American country can promote a sustainable economy model with a climate balance, thereby reducing poverty and poverty. Will help Healthier and more resilient growth models in epidemics. This paper gives priority to the protection of humanity and other species of life endangered by ecosystem degradation.

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“This paper is important to highlight that commitments about climate agreed in international forums are confirmed within the scope of the Brazilian states. It is necessary to register and say that we are open to dialogue and cooperation ”, said Mauro Ode Almeida, Minister of State for Environment and Sustainability.

Investment potential – The North American group proposed the Joe Biden Plan for Brazil’s Amazon, with the aim of establishing policies that would enable the United States to invest US $ 20 billion in protecting the Amazon rainforest.

During the final videoconference with the governors of the states in the Brazilian Amazon, Ambassador Todd Chapman strengthened interest in the partnership. “We all want to see governments with one vision.
We want to hear from the states what can be done now to reduce illegal deforestation in the coming months. I hope we can expand this conversation on ways to take care of the environment.

The partnership can quickly add public policies, scientific knowledge, innovative tools and business initiatives, technological capacity to the huge investment potential of the US economy, large revitalization areas, and local governance.

Amazon now plan – The Government’s main public policy in the field of environment and rural development, the State Plan Amazon Now (PEAA) currently brings together four central components of action, which seek to combine care and protection with the development of the environment. The potential of the rural economy in Pare: Kommando and Controlle (suppression of environmental crimes); Environment, territorial and land planning (regularization and legal protection for investment); Sustainable Territories (technical incentives and incentives for rural producers, production certification and access to new markets) and Long Range Environmental Financing (raising funds for public policies and encouraging socio-environmental projects).

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Another objective of the plan is to encourage laws that promote the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG), deforestation, economic, financial and fiscal strategies for emissions, prevention, control and alternatives for environmental protection in mercury Promote. 9,048 of April 29, 2020, which establishes state policy on climate change.

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