Messio Jangdeiros has been created to increase the strength of American football in Alagas.

Messio Jangdeiros has been created to increase the strength of American football in Alagas.

The trend of American football in Brazil has increased every year. Sports are getting a place and new clubs are appearing all over the country. In the Alagas, Marechis’ team was the only one in activity, but has now won one opponent: Macio Jangadiros.

The new team has participation from former athletes, who share their knowledge with those who will wear the Zangadiros shirt.

– The initiative to form a club came from a group of athletes and former athletes, who were in a way unhappy with the current scenario of the sport. The idea began with informal conversations, games, but soon took shape and took shape. The group of advisors and founders has a very strong alignment. Our goals are bold – commented by Gabriel Torres, president of Janabediros.

The “Jangdeiros Football American” team began training in February – Photo: Wendell Cavalante / Jangieros

Jangadieros made a selection and attracted new athletes and became interested in getting to know the sport, which was one of the main methods in the United States. To participate in competitions, the team needs to score and grow in the Brazilian Confederation of American Football (BFA) rankings. The team is now preparing to dispute the league’s access to the main competition in the Northeast.

– We started training in February, but we will follow the measures set by the Organs competent bodies. As we speak, we are taking care of people before we do anything else. We currently have a closed cast with approximately 55 members. This should be expanded at the right time by the next attempt. Currently we consider ourselves capable of performing at a good level on the pitch.

Jangadiros during training – Photo: Wendell Cavalante / Jangadiros

The “Jungledeiro” originated from a desire to name the team with a name that referred to Alago’s culture. It is easy to remember and with a passionate appeal, without forgetting the original.

– We wanted a name that would bring an identity with our region. We do not like the idea of ​​foreign names, because we have great value in our culture. We think a lot and we think it is a great honor to represent the warriors from Alagaas, with a lot of stories and achievements. We have a lot of work to do to honor this name, which represents a very struggling class and which is in the history of our state.

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