Microsoft Announces for Xbox Game Pass Celebration

Microsoft Announces for Xbox Game Pass Celebration

During the day yesterday, Friday, June 4, a message posted by the social channels of the French division of Xbox, which is part of Xbox Europe, suggested the arrival of a major announcement related to Xbox Game Pass.

The fact that Twitter was broadcast only by Microsoft’s French account raised doubts about the actual scope of the communications it received, a suspicion that ultimately proved to be well-founded.

In fact, the mystery has finally been revealed with a new communication from Xbox Game Pass France. As you can see below, an Xbox Game Pass celebration was exclusively announced, along with another tweet, which is scheduled for the next few days.

Between Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 June, the virtual event will see the service’s French division busy with a program of events that is still mysterious. “All we can say,” the tweet says, “is that we are going to talk about the Games.”

Event details will be released in the next few hours, but, at least for now, the new Xbox Game Pass celebration appears to be an event limited to Transalpine Country.

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