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The growth of the App Store in recent months is also a sign that the platform may open to third parties

According to an incident Microsoft Held on Tuesday, 25th, the company will launch a new version The windows, Your desktop operating system, in the coming months. In Build, a Microsoft Developer Conference, Satya nadellaMicrosoft’s president said that “a new generation of Windows” could have a new App Store and a new model of user interaction.

“Soon, we will be sharing one of the most important Windows updates of the last decade to unlock more and more economic opportunities for developers and creators. Our promise to you is this: We have more opportunities for all Windows developers today And will welcome all developers who are looking for the most innovative, new and open platform for building, distributing and monetizing applications, ”said Nadella at the conference.

The intention is that change is really important. Starting with the name, no longer a reference to the “Windows 10” family, which has been adopted by the company in recent years. The development of the App Store in recent months is also a sign that the platform may open to third parties, providing possible hosting without paying a fee to Microsoft.

The operating system wants to chat more with different machines and rumors suggest that browsers other than Application Edge such as Firefox and Google Chrome.

Another relevant information about the novelty is that it will not be a version of Windows 10X, a model that was being worked on by the company for use on two screens. According to John Cable, head of maintenance and distribution for the Windows division, the project was being developed, but was paralyzed and would no longer be launched by Microsoft. Cable also said that the team is leveraging 10X research to enhance the launch experience which will be built soon.

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