Microsoft fears repeat failure of Windows 11 Vista

Microsoft fears repeat failure of Windows 11 Vista

Microsoft is positioning Windows 11 as a complete overhaul of its operating system, especially in terms of design. This makes some users concerned about its stability. This has already happened: an example is Windows Vista, which caused a decrease in performance.

Microsoft is trying to avoid this in Windows 11. This was disclosed by Kevin Gallo, Head of Windows Developer Platform.

He participated in a Q&A session to explain some of the design decisions behind Mick’s material and their impact on the power of computers. “Performance is really our top priority, and we want all these new features to be fast and not slow down the operating system,” Gallo said. “For example, Mikka’s material was specifically designed for high-performance devices, for example, with a translucent acrylic interface.”

The company’s fluid design can be seen across all embedded applications and operating systems. Rounded corners, shadows, transparency effects are just a few. As part of the new design, Windows 11 uses a material called Mika. This creates a layering effect based on the desktop background. For example, a light background will change the application window to a lighter shade, and a dark background will change it.

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