Microsoft has updated core services for Android

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Microsoft recently made a significant update to the Bing search service and OneDrive cloud storage.

as reported ITsiderThe main address for OneDrive has become support for Chromecast. At the same time, the service works as usual – all you need to do is open a photo or video in OneDrive and click on the Chromecast icon, and then select the output on a compatible device.

In addition, a recent item appeared in the Home tab with the last tab with which the user had previously interacted.

The company also revealed an update for its Bing search engine. Many options have become more convenient and accessible from the home page, and many other functions have also appeared.

It is also worth noting the redesign and support of the new beautiful wallpaper. In addition, the new version of Bing and the updated OneDrive app can be downloaded from the Google Play App Store.

It was previously reported that Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7. The operating system will continue to work on the computer, but the company encourages users to upgrade to the new Windows 10.

Remember that Microsoft has patented the technology Creating chat bots Both living and already dead, based on messages from users of social networks.

In particular, programs will extract data from a person’s audio and text messages on social networks.

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